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Can You Have “Good” Fat?

There has been a lot of information about body fat in recent years, and some of it has been good. Is it possible you’re carrying around a bunch of “good” fat? It’s unlikely that anybody will carry all “good” fat, and if you’re carrying a lot of fat, it almost certainly isn’t “good.” But even here to read more

Consuming Animal Fat Increases Stroke Risk While Vegetable Fat May Decrease It

According to new preliminary research, consuming higher total amounts of animal fats could increase the risk of stroke, while consuming more vegetable fats may lower the risk. Researchers believe this new information could help with the prevention of cardiovascular disease, including stroke. The study analyzed 27 years of follow-up from a total of 117,136 participants here to read more


Study Finds Links between Fast Food Restaurants and Higher Rates of Type 2 Diabetes

Mounting evidence shows a direct correlation between people living in neighborhoods with higher availability of fast-food outlets and the likelihood of residents’ chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Findings have also suggested that the availability of more supermarkets impacts the amount of type 2 diabetes cases, particularly in rural and suburban neighborhoods. One study published here to read more

Use Superfoods to Start Your Day

It’s hard to get excited about “superfoods” because it usually means something expensive and hard to find. It’s also hard to get excited about the morning. But hopefully, we can flip that all upside down and get your day off to a good start. “Superfood” is a bit of a weird term. It seems like here to read more

Can You Make Potato Salad a Superfood?

There are some people out there that add kale, cranberries, or nuts to potato salad. Who knows why? Maybe to make it “healthier?” It certainly doesn’t taste good. Potato salad, in my opinion, should be simple. But that’s just me. Regardless of how you like your potato salad, you might not think it’s healthy. Starch here to read more