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Can You Make Potato Salad a Superfood?

There are some people out there that add kale, cranberries, or nuts to potato salad. Who knows why? Maybe to make it “healthier?” It certainly doesn’t taste good. Potato salad, in my opinion, should be simple. But that’s just me. Regardless of how you like your potato salad, you might not think it’s healthy. Starch here to read more


Soda Really Is Dangerous Stuff

If you like to stop in for a cheap, cold soda at a national food chain (or virtually any restaurant), think about more than just the price and the temperature. Think about how that cup is holding far more than a safe amount of sugar. Even if it is a small size. According to researchers here to read more

A Group of Superfoods You Can’t Ignore

Here’s a tip: superfoods don’t have to be single shining stars. Sometimes the right ensemble of high-quality foods without individual status can deliver the goods even more. The proof is in the porridge. New research suggests that breakfast eaters are more likely to hit nutritional targets throughout the day. More specifically, non-breakfast eaters tend to here to read more

A New Study Found Consuming Potatoes May Help Reduce Risk of Hypertension

People who love potatoes and have hypertension will be happy to hear about a new study from Perdue University. It suggests that increased dietary potassium can reduce blood pressure. The study published in Nutrients goes against some popular beliefs about potatoes and their role in heart-healthy lifestyles. For the study, researchers investigated the effects of here to read more

The Top 4 Nuts to Include in Your Diet

Don’t be fooled by their small size; nuts are truly mighty nutritional powerhouses. They might even be some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Each nut has a distinct look and taste, and they all bear slight nutritional differences. It’s hard to say that one is necessarily better than the other because there here to read more

New Study Finds More Veggies Could Lead to Lower Disease Risk

Vegetable intake recently scored another victory in the diet game. But the results don’t necessarily indicate extreme diets, like vegetarianism, are particularly better. That’s not to say that diets high in vegetables don’t have a host of benefits. The results suggest, however, that balance is likely best. Findings recently presented virtually at the European Congress here to read more

How To Navigate a Food Swamp

Food swamps pull you in, down, and can lead to significant health troubles. But you can make it through by knowing how to identify and avoid them. Fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and advertisements for the products they sell are on almost every corner and the streets that connect them. And although this isn’t the here to read more