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Virtual Reality Training Leads to Physical Activity and Improved Cognitive Function

A lack of physical activity has been shown to affect cognitive function negatively, but new research from Tohoku University has found an exciting way to use virtual training to “trick” the brain into thinking it is moving when it is still. For patients who are suffering or recovering from long-term diseases, utilizing immersive virtual reality here to read more

What Should Exercise Feel Like?

Exercise rarely looks easy. Athletes gasp for air during breaks, and joggers go huffing and puffing past you. No pain, no gain, right? Isn’t it called working out? But what is a normal feeling while exercising? Should your heart be racing during a workout? Not necessarily. Sometimes your body needs to tell you to slow here to read more

Exercise Regularly to Prevent High Blood Pressure Even Where Air Pollution Is Relatively High

For people with high blood pressure, getting plenty of exercise is extremely important. However, some people feel that if they live in an area with high air pollution, they should not exercise outdoors as it may do more harm than good. According to new research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation, people who here to read more


Not Stretching? Why You Might Want to Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

Activity is often recommended as the antidote to too much sitting. That will never change. But what is essential to safe movement, lower risk of injury, strong muscles, and independence? Stretching. Regular stretching helps ensure your muscles are ready when called upon. Including stretching into your daily routine can reduce the risk of injury, limit here to read more