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Can You Safely Exercise with a Chronic Illness?

Having a chronic health condition may make you apprehensive about exercise. You might wonder if exercise is safe and, if it is, how often and how intensely you can do it. The good news is that exercise is safe for most people with chronic illnesses and can provide important health benefits. People living with heart here to read more

Adapting Seating Tai Chi Exercises Boosts Recovery among Stroke Survivors

Seated Tai Chi exercises can be an excellent form of movement for stroke survivors. According to a new study published in Stroke, stroke survivors who practiced the exercises had equal or greater improvement in hand and arm strength, balance control, shoulder range of motion, and reduced symptoms of depression. The American Heart Association recommends that here to read more

20 Minutes of Moderate Exercise in Old Age (70-75) May Best Stave off Major Heart Disease

Research published in the online journal Heart recommends 20 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous exercise in early old age to help reduce the chances of heart disease. This research reinforces the idea of ‘better late than never’ when it comes to exercise. It’s no surprise that physical activity is associated with a lower risk here to read more

Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Without Medication

A high blood pressure diagnosis can make you think medicine is necessary and eternal. But it isn’t. Blood pressure is highly responsive to lifestyle, and certain controllable factors can lead to lower blood pressure. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle has the potential to reduce or manage blood pressure and may allow you to avoid, delay, or here to read more


‘Tis The Season

Thanksgiving has passed, and many of us are into the Christmas swing. You might be pulling the tree up from the basement or pushing boxes of decorations along the floor. Of course, pushing and pulling objects isn’t seasonal: most people do it year-round. Pulling open a car door, pushing a vacuum or lawnmower, and other here to read more

How to Choose A Home Exercise Machine

Most people don’t need another excuse not to exercise: no time, too hot, too cold, or even pain and practicality can hold people back. Purchasing a home exercise machine can help solve the problem and make exercise much easier. Hopping on an exercise bike for 15 minutes, for example, can help you squeeze in a here to read more

Those Who Exercise Have an Almost 60% Lower Risk of Developing Anxiety Disorders

Those who suffer from anxiety may find relief in daily exercise. According to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, people who regularly participate in physical activity have a significantly lower risk of developing anxiety compared to those who do not exercise. Many lifestyle changes can help with anxiety, but exercise consistently seems to here to read more

Lifestyle Choices Including Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Patterns Play a Role in Heart Health

Many studies have shown that heart health can depend a lot on diet, exercise and sleep patterns. Although research has shown the beneficial interaction between the brain, lifestyle, and cardiovascular health, what is not known is how exactly these factors affect other bodily functions. Genetics do play an important role in cardiovascular health. Still, as here to read more

Tips to Help You Get the Most from Exercise

Are you really getting the most from your exercise? The truth is that if you’re dedicating time to move every day, you’re already doing a good job. There is so much information out there about optimal conditions, timing, and the like. But it comes down to your personal preferences and goals. Some people may be here to read more

Simple Strength Training Tips

Most people have never lifted weights. You might be one of them. But here’s some advice: you should start. Muscle tissue, bone density, strength, and power all decline with age. You might not have felt the effects much in your 40s and 50s, but there is a good chance you’ll start noticing it soon if here to read more