memory loss

Age-related memory loss vs. dementia

There are times when we can’t remember where we placed our keys or the TV remote, or when we realize we have forgotten a person’s name. It can be embarrassing and isn’t something anyone would like to happen to them, especially in front of others. Being forgetful is usually synonymous with being old, as whenever here to read more

How to slow down memory loss

As many as 5.1 million Americans may be affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and the incidence of this memory-stealing disorder is growing as the population continues to age. Dementia is not a normal part of healthy aging, but with such scary statistics, many people associate old age with Alzheimer’s. While the risk of developing this brain here to read more

Physical exercise has a positive effect on stroke recovery

A recent study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience has found that voluntary physical exercise has a positive effect on stroke recovery. Physical exercise is already known to play a role in delaying memory loss and improving cognitive ability in older individuals. The study was conducted by Dr. Evgenia Kalogeraki at Georg-August University, Germany, and here to read more

Midlife diabetes linked to faster memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia progression in next 20 years: Study

Midlife diabetes diagnosis is linked to faster memory and cognitive decline and dementia progression during the next 20 years, according to research findings. The researchers found that diabetes ages the mind up to five years faster, compared to normal effects of aging. Study lead Elizabeth Selvin said, “The lesson is that to have a healthy here to read more

In Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and cognitive function may be improved with regular moderate exercise

In Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and cognitive function may be improved with regular moderate exercise. Exercise is effective in Alzheimer’s disease because it improves the efficiency of memory-related brain activity. The researchers uncovered the beneficial effects of exercise in seniors with mild cognitive impairment. Not only does exercise improve memory recall but it improves brain here to read more

Baby boomers and Alzheimer’s disease: Effect of aging on memory

With the baby boomers’ generation aging, the cases of Alzheimer’s disease, which can cause memory loss, are growing in numbers. According to a report released by Alzheimer’s Association, over 28 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer’s disease, accounting for nearly 25 percent of Medicare spending. Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer’s Association Chief Science Officer, explained, “The risk here to read more

Rheumatoid arthritis and brain fog, memory loss connection

Rheumatoid arthritis is connected to brain fog and memory loss. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is commonly associated with joint inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, and impaired mobility, but many patients experience alternative symptoms such as brain fog or memory loss. They may find themselves being forgetful at times or having difficulty thinking. Brain fog isn’t a medically here to read more

Are these 5 habits hurting your memory?

It may seem natural for us to begin forgetting the small stuff as we get older, but memory loss isn’t a natural part of aging. Frankly, you may be partaking in habits which are speeding up memory loss without even realizing it. If birthdays come and go and you haven’t even noticed, or you go here to read more