Type 2 diabetic men have more insulin sensitivity with testosterone replacement

Testosterone replacement can benefit men with type 2 diabetes by increasing their insulin sensitivity. The findings come from the University of Buffalo and are based on a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of testosterone treatment in type 2 diabetic men, which compared insulin sensitivity before and after the treatment. Senior author, Paresh Dandona, M.D., said, “This is here to read more

New insulin pill improves diabetes management

An insulin pill is being developed to help better manage blood sugar for those with diabetes. The drug technology may also be beneficial in other illness treatments as well. The research comes from UC Santa Barbara. Dr. Samir Mitragotri, specialist in targeted drug delivery, said, “With diabetes, there’s a tremendous need for oral delivery. People here to read more

Success of weight-loss surgery determined by insulin cells

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have determined that the success of weight-loss surgery in type 2 diabetes patients is largely based on insulin cells and the body’s ability to produce insulin. The study further helps recognize who will have the most success with weight-loss surgery. For those who here to read more

Insulin plays role in brain’s pleasure center

Insulin isn’t just for blood sugar control; new findings suggest it plays a role in the brain’s pleasure center by controlling the release of dopamine. The findings come from researchers at New York University Langone Medical Center. Senior investigator, Margaret Rice, Ph.D., said, “We found that when there’s more insulin in the brain, there will here to read more

Blood sugar levels now easier to control

Odds are you or someone you know has type 2 diabetes, and finds monitoring their food intake and managing blood sugar levels a challenge. It’s not easy to pass up all those sweets and cocktails, either… To that end, insulin pumps have freed many diabetics from a routine of precisely-timed injections, but the treatment option here to read more

Is Your Blood Sugar Killing You?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you should know how important it is to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Blood sugar levels that are too high can have a negative impact on your health and can even lead to death. Monitoring your blood sugar levels on a regular basis will help you here to read more

Can Your Waistline Predict Your Diabetes Risk?

The medical community has often discussed the impact of body mass index on diabetes, but now a new study suggests that waist size may be just as important in determining a woman’s risk of contracting the disease. The study conducted by Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the United Kingdom was extensive; involving 30,000 middle-aged participants. They were here to read more

Diabetes and Alcohol – What You Need to Know

Decades ago, people were simply told if you have diabetes don’t drink alcohol, but now extensive research has shown that under the right conditions, controlled alcohol consumption for some diabetic patients can be safe. The Dangers of Alcohol – Blood Sugar Levels According to the Mayo Clinic there are certain conditions associated with diabetes that here to read more