Craving Junk Food? Eat This…

Food cravings are often considered as the biggest challenge when one attempts to lose weight.  Cravings are emotions focused on the desire for a food, drink, or chemical that imparts a comforting effect on an individual.  There may thus be cravings for chocolates, donuts, or chips, which are generally considered to be rich in calories here to read more

Are Carbonated Drinks “Evil”?

The jury is out but there is one person who is taking a very passionate stand against carbonated drinks. And it’s not just about your diet, the high calorie content, or what it does to your waistline either. One researcher is saying that carbonated drinks can lead to a whole slew of health related downfalls, here to read more

Forget the Gym and Just Eat Less?

It might be easier said than done, but it’s worthy of a mention following some shocking new research. With all of the big gyms and trainers pushing hot, sweaty and time consuming work-outs it really might be some research that is shaking the very foundation of weight loss efforts around the globe. Louisiana State University here to read more

Is Salad Sabotaging Your Health?

Salads can be chocked full of healthy food items and loaded with essential nutrients, however not all salads are created equally and if you buy into any of the following salad myths you may be unintentionally sabotaging your health and/or weight loss efforts. Myth #1: Salads are Low in Calories Many people assume that ordering here to read more

Don’t Be Fooled By These “Low Fat” Snacks

Approximately 86 percent of American women are dissatisfied with their bodies and 68 percent of the total American population is currently overweight.   Although it is a popular weight loss method, obsessively counting calories and fat grams is not an advisable way to embark on weight loss because it often leads to feelings of deprivation, and here to read more

Kiwi -The Next Big Super Fruit

People living in Asia, Australia and New Zealand have made Kiwi a regular part of their diet for several decades. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention it was first called the “Chinese gooseberry”, but then was renamed after New Zealand’s national bird. Today, research around the world seems to indicate that kiwi here to read more

Skinny Barbeque Foods

The sun is shining, the air is hot, and there is a delicious scent from the BBQ wafting through the air, and yet all you can think about is the calories and carbohydrates that you are about to consume. Well fret not, because a BBQ dinner does not have to be unhealthy or high in here to read more

This Could Help You Live 40% Longer

When it comes to weight loss and obesity, being told to lower your intake of calories might begin to sound like a broken record. However cutting calories in hopes of living longer is a concept that is more of a novelty. According to a new study on mice, strict low calorie diets could increase your here to read more

What’s the Benefit to Natural Nut Butters?

Peanut butter is perhaps the best known and most popular form of nut butter on the market. There have been warnings that peanut butter and a long list of other nut butters contain saturated fat and sodium; however, medical researchers insist it doesn’t mean that natural nut butters are bad for you. Fat and Protein here to read more

The 3 Fruits That Can Reduce the Risk of Obesity

You may want to add plums, peaches and nectarines to your healthy food grocery list if you want to fight off obesity and obesity-related diseases. New research from Texas A & M AgriLife found that these stone fruits can potentially help to fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease, both of which are associated with obesity. Fruits here to read more

Being Tired Could Be Making You Fat

If you are thinking about cutting back on sleep, and are worried about your weight, you might want to rethink that strategy. A new study now shows that skimping on sleep might mean you consume more calories. The small study, presented recently at an American Heart Association Meeting says that people who are deprived of here to read more