Whole grains may increase metabolism and calorie loss

Reducing calories and speeding up your metabolism may be as easy as swapping refined grains for whole grains, according to new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. While previous studies have shown that whole grains and increased dietary fiber intake benefit those with glycemic control issues and insulin sensitivity, the impact of here to read more

How fruits can help you burn calories

If you want to promote calorie burning it really has a lot to do with what you eat. Of course while marrying proper diet and exercise together can burn the most calories; you can get a good head start by incorporating calorie-burning fruits into your diet. But how exactly does fruit promote burning calories? Well here to read more

Aspartame vs. Sugar – Is One Any Better?

If you’re focused on weight loss, counting calories may be something that you’re familiar with. In an effort to limit calories, most people cut out fast food and junk food. Many people turn to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame instead of sugar as another way to reduce calories. Which is better – sugar or aspartame? here to read more

Diet Soda Drinkers More Likely To Be Obese

Feeling guilty lining up at the fast food restaurant counter? Well, that greasy burger and fries won’t be any less detrimental if you wash them down with diet soda. No free pass for you! A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that overweight individuals are much more likely to consume here to read more

A Chocolate Drought Set for 2014

Chocolate is arguably the world’s favorite ‘junk food’- with 9 out 10 people reporting that they love it and 50 % of the population confessing that they can’t go a day without it. Although some may argue that chocolate is not a junk food at all (because it is made with cocoa which is high here to read more

How To Drop a Pound Every Week

Following restrictive diets is an outdated practice that sometimes results in temporary weight loss but almost never results in permanent weight loss. Instead of following diets that severely restrict fat and/or calories and lead to feelings of deprivation, consider taking the easier, more effective approach, and make the following simple food swaps. Replace Sugar with here to read more

The Truth About Fatty Food ‘Withdrawals’

A withdrawal symptom is described as any physical or psychological disturbance a person experiences as a result of being deprived of something. When people are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs and then suddenly try to quit, they can face difficult withdrawals.  Scientists believe the same thing happens with food. Eating Fat North Americans love here to read more