How fruits can help you burn calories

fruits-can-help-you-burn-caloriesIf you want to promote calorie burning it really has a lot to do with what you eat. Of course while marrying proper diet and exercise together can burn the most calories; you can get a good head start by incorporating calorie-burning fruits into your diet.

But how exactly does fruit promote burning calories? Well it has a lot to do with our fat and feeding the right kind of fat can burn calories.


Fat comes in a few different forms: White, brown and beige. White fat is the stubborn kind that likes to hang around where you don’t want it. Brown fat works to burn energy and produce fat. Beige fat, on the other hand, is the useful fat which aims to convert white fat into brown fat so it can be burned off. So if we can promote more beige fat in our body we can burn more calories and have greater weight loss.

Eat fruit to promote beige fat

promote beige fatResearchers at Washington State University have found that when fruit – grapes, berries etc. were introduced into mice’s diet the white fat became beige fat (weight loss promoting fat).

Mice who were fed a high fat diet also received a dose of a natural compound found in many fruits. By incorporating 0.1 percent of this natural compound into the high fat diet of mice researchers began to notice white fat turning into beige fat.

The research, although conducted on mice, shows promise that a diet high in fruits can work to turn white fat into beige fat which can lead to higher calories burned throughout the day. With a rise of obesity occurring in America, turning white fat into beige fat could be another easy and preventative step to combat this health concern.

What is beige fat and brown fat?

To further explain the role of beige fat and brown fat, let’s examine them a bit more closely. As mentioned brown fat is responsible for burning energy and producing heat which is necessary for weight loss. Beige fat is that transition fat which leads the white fat – the bad kind – into brown fat. Therefore both of these types of fat are essential to good health.

Besides consuming fruit, beige fat can also be activated by physical activity and shivering. Likewise with brown fat as it, too, activates when we are cold. Because beige fat and brown fat produce heat, when we are cold it works harder to produce heat, so staying cold may be the key to even additional weight loss!

Type of FatRoleActivated By
White FatStores energyUnhealthy lifestyle
Brown FatBurns energy and produces heat which is necessary for weight lossWhen we are cold
Beige FatTransition fat which leads the white fat – the bad kind – into brown fatConsuming fruit, physical activity and shivering

How to eat more fruit in your diet

fruits in your diet for weight lossBy the latest research it seems about 12 servings of fruit can begin to activate beige fat. So if you haven’t been stocking up on your fruit lately, now is a good time to start. If you have difficulty consuming enough fruit in your daily life, take into consideration some of these tips to try to incorporate more of the good stuff in your life.

  • Make smoothies: Always opt for homemade, but if you don’t have the time an organic store-bought variety is ok – just check the sugar! Making a smoothie is an easy way to incorporate many different fruits in one glass as well as getting in many servings of it as well.
  • Always stock your fridge: It’s hard to eat something if it’s not around. Keeping your fridge stocked with fruit is an easy way to enjoy it. And because fruit doesn’t stay too long you’ll be sure to want to eat it before it spoils.
  • Mix with vegetables: If you’re not a fan of fruit mixing them with vegetables may mask them. Once again this can be done through a smoothie or juicer.
  • Pick snack fruits: Some fruits require peeling or cutting so you may avoid them. But picking fruits which are just grab and go – think apple or banana – will make them easier to carry around with you so you’ll be more likely to eat them.
  • Make fruit convenient: If you don’t have time to cut and peel fruit then buying a pre-cut version when grocery shopping can help you save time and once again make them easier to carry around with you.

These are just some tips to upping your consumption of fruit. We’re sure you can find even more ways to enjoy more fruit. And why not? Fruit in general provides many health benefits. In fact, when it comes to improving skin, to boosting your immune system, fruits are all superfoods.

If shedding a few pounds seems to be difficult for you, try amping up your fruit content. But always remember, diet can go much further with some exercise as well. Practicing healthy habits will ensure overall good health with the added bonus of weight loss as well.

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