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Better Hearing Could Be Within Your Reach

There aren’t many options for people who’ve experienced hearing loss. Either you fork over thousands of dollars for an audiologist to fit you for a hearing aid, or you lose the ability to communicate. The first option is not realistic for many. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that about 15 percent of Americans here to read more

The Daily Routine That Could Be Ruining Your Hearing and Increasing Your Risk for Dementia

It’s become a natural reflex to put on a pair of earphones or earbuds every day. Whether you’re tuning into a Bluetooth television, listening to a podcast, playing your favorite song, or participating in a virtual meeting, these personal audio devices are turning into bodily extensions. After all, they are extremely convenient. They let you here to read more

Things You Can Do to Improve Hearing

The longer you’ve been alive, the higher your risk for hearing impairment. It can occur over time, and at some point, it is likely to become more noticeable and potentially debilitating. Poor hearing is associated with loneliness, low self-esteem, and an increased risk for depression and dementia. Hearing loss, however, is not a guarantee. If here to read more


Can You Stop That Ringing In Your Ears?

Constant ringing in your ears can send you to the brink. Not only does it impair hearing and make it tough to focus, it can interrupt various aspects of daily life. Medically known as tinnitus, there are a number of potential reasons you’re experiencing ringing in your ears. The most common is exposure to loud here to read more

News Flash: You Need to Have Your Hearing Checked

If you’re dealing with chronic health issues, or even if you’re not, your hearing might not seem like much of a priority. According to recent data, hearing seems to be low on America’s list of health priorities. It shouldn’t be. Your ability to hear can play a significant role in your health. Hearing quality is here to read more

Is the Pandemic Saving Your Hearing?

Living on a busy street, near a construction site, or across the street from an elementary school can put you on edge. The noise is loud and continuous and can serve as a consistent source of stress and anxiety. But North America got very quiet about a year ago. And even though some regions have here to read more

Dynamic, Delicate Connection between Protein Filaments Enables Hearing: Study

Hearing acrobatics was the focus of a new study published in Nature Communications, which sought to find how the filaments in the ear enable hearing. The sense of hearing is created by a dynamic and delicate connection between two pairs of diminutive protein filaments. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s hospital were able here to read more