Protect Your Hearing This Summer

Handsome mature man in casual clothes listening closely isolated in white backgroundThe world comes to life in summer, and there are far more sounds to enjoy. Birds chirping, brooks babbling, waves hitting the shore, and even live music as you walk down the boulevard can all contribute to sound of the summer.

Of course, there are also leaf blowers, lawnmowers, sporting events, concerts, fireworks, and the folks with the muscle cars and motorbikes letting their engines rip. If you’ve got a window air-conditioner, that could be one of the familiar sounds of summer too.


Some of those sounds are great for your ears. They can be quiet, soothing, and make you feel the beauty of the season. Others may make you feel great too, but they’re no friend to your ears or hearing.

There are plenty of noises from summer that can cause hearing loss. Leaf blowers, engines, live events, and even firecrackers have the potential to do serious damage.

The good thing is that noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable.

In certain situations, like when you’re mowing the lawn, attending a sporting event or concert, or watching fireworks, hearing protection is a must.

Earplugs are easy to get, inexpensive, and can do a great job keeping ears safe. And because noise-induced hearing loss is can happen quickly, is irreversible, and can occur at any age, they should be part of your summer routine.


Other ways to protect your ears during the season are closing the windows if you live in a busy street or your neighbors are cutting the grass. If you attend a noisy event, position yourself as far away from the noise source as possible.

Fireworks, for example, can cause hearing damage immediately, and the risk is much higher if you are close to them.

Leave if you’re at an event and experience any ringing or discomfort. It’s also worthwhile to see an audiologist if you have any pain, ringing, or difficulty eating after an event.

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