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Elderly woman wearing a hearing aid

Can You Reverse Hearing Loss?

If you’ve had trouble hearing, you might be asking yourself, “can I reverse hearing loss?” The answer is not particularly clear cut. Hearing loss can be...

Portrait of senior man having hearing problems

Degrees of Hearing Loss

You might notice the television is a little louder as your husband is watching in the other room. Or perhaps you’ve been having a hard time...

Elderly woman changes the battery in the hearing aid. The problem of hearing in old age. Close-up, selective focus.

Why You Can’t Ignore Even Mild Hearing Loss

If you’re not experiencing it yourself, you surely know someone that has experienced hearing loss. It’s frustrating regardless of what side you’ve been on. Take my...

Modern hearing aids.The choice of hearing aid in the doctor's office. Doctor showing hearing aid. Otolaryngologist giving hearing aid to patient. The hearing aid for a senior woman

Can You Prevent Hearing Loss?

There’s no denying the aging process. It happens to everybody everywhere in one way or another. The longer you’ve been alive, the longer your body has...

Tinnitus. Closeup up side profile sick female having ear pain touching her painful head. Concept photo with indicating location of the pain. Health care concept

Why Your Ears Could Be Ringing

Going to concerts, sporting events, and other loud gatherings are distant memories. Although you might miss the camaraderie and connection, you probably don’t miss the abuse...

Profile of happy and cheerful man with hearing aid in ear, looking away

Has the Music Started to Fade?

Sometimes you’re sitting around and things sound a little different. Maybe you’ve got a head cold that’s limiting your ability to hear. Maybe some water from...

Connected with wire. Happy smiling aged twosome lying on grass and listening to music with close eyes

Are You Hearing Those Good Vibrations?

When the Beach Boys sang about good vibrations, I wonder if they were thinking about music’s influence on your health. It might not seem like it,...