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Degrees of Hearing Loss

You might notice the television is a little louder as your husband is watching in the other room. Or perhaps you’ve been having a hard time hearing your granddaughter’s voice on the other end of the phone. Are these struggles something to worry about? Most people experience some degree of hearing loss with age. Roughly here to read more

Why You Can’t Ignore Even Mild Hearing Loss

If you’re not experiencing it yourself, you surely know someone that has experienced hearing loss. It’s frustrating regardless of what side you’ve been on. Take my dad, for example. It’s easy to carry on a conversation with him. These days, when we’re sitting at least six feet apart, we can go back and forth like here to read more

Can You Prevent Hearing Loss?

There’s no denying the aging process. It happens to everybody everywhere in one way or another. The longer you’ve been alive, the longer your body has had to fight off damage. And that’s true regardless of how healthy you are. It’s not uncommon to struggle with the sense of sound. Sounds become muffled, you need here to read more

Study Finds Vision Loss Is Linked to Alter Sounds That Help Finding Direction

Vision loss can interfere with auditory perception, potentially putting people at risk of injury, according to a new study. Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University’s Vision and Eye Research Institute (VERI) published the findings in the journal Scientific Reports. They found that people with severe vision loss can less accurately judge the distance of nearby sounds. here to read more

Why Your Ears Could Be Ringing

Going to concerts, sporting events, and other loud gatherings are distant memories. Although you might miss the camaraderie and connection, you probably don’t miss the abuse on your ears. You know, the ringing that makes it hard to fall asleep for the next day or two. But while the cause of ear ringing, or muted here to read more


Hearing Loss Is Linked with Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia among Older Adults

Experts agree that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia risk could be influenced by hearing loss. Among older adults, sound is important for stimulating the brain, and studies show the profound effect it has on health. There are many theories behind the relationship between hearing loss and dementia. Some experts believe that dementia creates certain conditions that here to read more

Has the Music Started to Fade?

Sometimes you’re sitting around and things sound a little different. Maybe you’ve got a head cold that’s limiting your ability to hear. Maybe some water from the shower is leaving your favorite song muffled. But when there is no reasonable explanation for a sudden hearing downgrade, you might want to have it checked it out. here to read more

Are You Hearing Those Good Vibrations?

When the Beach Boys sang about good vibrations, I wonder if they were thinking about music’s influence on your health. It might not seem like it, but the ability to hear and feel sound vibrations may help with a variety of ailments from anxiety to joint pain. Hearing is about a lot more than listening here to read more

A New Way to Address Hearing Troubles

If you have a hard time hearing your loved ones in a crowded room with background noise, it might be time to take up tennis. Tennis, of course, is much better for your ears than a crowded restaurant where background noises commonly reach levels of 80 decibels or higher. But its effect may have nothing here to read more

Hearing Loss Associated with Measurable Mental Decline in Seniors: Study

A new study published in the medical journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery has shown a connection between slight hearing loss and mental health in seniors. It was shown that hearing loss that is less severe than the usual cut-off for diagnosing hearing loss has measurable mental effects. Researchers found that when they used a stricter threshold to here to read more

Is Noise Another Threat to Your Heart?

High blood pressure affects more than 100 million adults in America. The usual culprits are diet and inactivity—but maybe you’ve heard enough of all that noise. Or perhaps you’ve heard so much noise that it, too, is raising your blood pressure. A new study published in PLOS One has found a close correlation between noise here to read more