Preventative Measures

Does Coffee Cause Damage to Your Eyes?

Glaucoma is an eye health disorder characterized by damage to the optic nerve and a gradual loss in eyesight. Glaucoma is the second greatest cause of blindness in America, and aging, nearsightedness, high blood pressure, diabetes, and an  injury to the eye can call increase your likelihood for developing it. According to a recent study here to read more

Essential Oils for Your Aging Skin?

If you happen to glance and the mirror and see dull, aging skin you may want to consider using essential oils to help repair the damage that you see.  Even if you don’t see dull skin or wrinkles today, you may want to consider using essential oils as a preventative measure from damage that can here to read more

Understanding Free Radicals

Free radicals are now considered the biggest accelerator of aging.   Although you are likely familiar with the term, if you really want to avoid falling victim to free radical damage, you need to know exactly where they come from, what they do to your body and how to neutralize them. Below is an in depth here to read more

The Effect of Female Hormones on Dental Health

Female hormones are generally associated with the reproduction and pregnancy.  Estrogen, for example, is the female reproductive hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle.  A lower production of estrogen each month thus increases the likelihood of pregnancy in a woman.  On the other hand, progesterone is another hormone is that associated with pregnancy, allowing the here to read more

How to Know if You Smell

Worrying that you have an unpleasant body odor can negatively affect your self esteem.   The last thing that you need to be worried about when you’re at work or out with friends is a nagging thought that you smell a little “funny”.  Learn about the ways to determine if you smell, as well as the here to read more

The Top Places Germs Hide

It’s no secret that germs are everywhere. Those microscopic organisms can be helpful, but then again they can cause serious illness in plants, animals and humans; they can even lead to death.  Microbiologists say it is wise for us to educate ourselves about where germs are concealed. Some of the top places they hide may here to read more

The Effect of Nicotine on Parkinson’s

For decades, society has looked at smoking as a harmful act that is strongly associated with the development of lung cancer. Smoking has also been linked to the increase in risk for cardiovascular diseases and thus, general health tips often discourage the use of cigarettes. The prime addictive chemical present in cigarettes is nicotine, which here to read more

Diseases That Aren’t Just for Older Folks…

Some painful afflictions that you associated with your parents or grandparents could strike you or your children much sooner than you thought possible. Cancer There are certain forms of cancer that young people are known to get such as lymphoma or leukemia, but both breast cancer and melanoma are forms of the disease that can here to read more

The Worst Places for Women’s Health

The well-being of American women continues to be a source of concern, especially following the release of recent data on the worst states for women’s health. No one sets out to damage their own health; however, it seems that in many cases a lack of understanding or a lack of services puts women in certain here to read more

Leading the Fight – The Soda Ban

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than one-third of American adults are obese. Obesity leads to a number of health related problems including heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Both health and government officials are always looking for preventative approaches; ways to curb obesity. One preventative measure is soda bans. here to read more

Why Seniors Are Safer Driving Than Doing This

Over the next 20 years the number of elderly drivers on the road is expected to double in the United States. This may set off alarm bells for the average motorist since traditionally the elderly have been labeled as the most dangerous drivers. While research does show their declining physical and mental abilities turn them here to read more

How to Handle Your Sweaty Feet

There are over 200,000 sweat glands in our feet so it is no wonder that many people struggle to control sweaty, smelly paws. There are cases where people have Hyperhidrosis; a medical term for  sweating feet. For some people, keeping the sweat at bay is a real challenge. There are a number of reasons for here to read more