The Effect of Female Hormones on Dental Health

toothFemale hormones are generally associated with the reproduction and pregnancy.  Estrogen, for example, is the female reproductive hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle.  A lower production of estrogen each month thus increases the likelihood of pregnancy in a woman.  On the other hand, progesterone is another hormone is that associated with pregnancy, allowing the uterus to build its epithelial lining that protects and supports a developing fetus.  Both estrogen and progesterone are also used as preventative treatment in hormone replacement therapy of elderly women suffering from post-menopausal symptoms.

The Recent Report That Could Have You Visiting Your Dentist


According to a recent medical report published in the Swedish Dental Journal, estrogen may also be involved in the maintenance of the tooth and thus possibly decrease the need for emergency treatment by a dentist.  The production of estrogen in the body also serves as a natural preventative measure against inflammation of a tooth, also known as periodontitis.  For a dentist, this condition is often requires immediate treatment because it may further progress to a more serious dental condition.  Severe periodontitis, if left untreated by a dentist, may result in the loss of teeth.  When this happens, a dentist will often recommend the use of dentures to assist an individual in chewing food and maintaining a generally pleasing appearance to the public.  A dentist understands that maintaining healthy teeth may also influence the quality of life of an individual.  It is thus important to lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly visit the dentist for preventative dental check-ups.

The recent medical report explained that each estrogen molecule interacts with a protein receptor that is present on the surface of a cell.  Upon interaction, the estrogen receptor generates signals that are transmitted to various other molecules in the cell, which in turn trigger a cascade of reactions that are important for maintaining a healthy body and serve as a preventative action against infection and inflammation.

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One of the reactions triggered by the presence of estrogen include the interleukins, which are components of the immune system that help combat infection.  Interleukins may be considered as inherent preventative molecules of the body that fight microbes that may have invaded cells.  In terms of an inflammation of a tooth, the production of estrogen may decrease the chances of progression of bacterial invasion in the oral tissues of the body.

The recent medical article also presents findings from animal studies that involved the production of estrogen in tooth development and inflammation.  These studies showed that supplementation of mouse feed with estrogen served as a preventative measure against tooth inflammation, as well as the maintenance of the reproductive system of the test animals.  Research using animal models also showed that estrogen supplementation in the diet also enhanced the immune system of the animals, thus decreasing the chances of bacterial strains to further proliferate in the mouth of the mice.  These results suggest that estrogen may serve as a preventative treatment not only against disorders of the reproductive system, but also against tooth inflammation and other disorders.

Tooth Care Has New Importance

The information presented in the recent medical report may help the general public in understanding that estrogen can also be used as a preventative measure against tooth inflammation due to bacterial infections.  This may also decrease the need of visiting a dentist for treatment of gum diseases.  The interaction of estrogen with protein receptors on the surface of body cells triggers several molecular reactions that help in the body’s defense against microbes.  The report may also assist every dentist is recognizing the importance of estrogen in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  For the lay reader, the lessons offered by the medical report may increase one’s awareness of the usefulness of estrogen for preventative tooth health, as well as decreasing the chances of needing a dentist to conduct emergency treatments for pain due to dental ailments.


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