Preventative Measures

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You: Vaccines

Each year, millions of people around the world avail of vaccines against infections that seasonally emerge. The flu vaccine, for example, is commonly administered each year as a preventative treatment against the development of influenza. The administration of the flu vaccine is based on the principle that the deactivated flu virus in the vaccine will here to read more

Debunking Grandma’s Home Remedies

We all like to think that Grandma knows best, but the reality is that some of her home remedies just don’t work. While well intentioned, in certain cases home remedies do us more harm than good. One age-old home remedy for constipation is castor oil. Derived from the castor bean plant, it has always been here to read more

The Unexpected Problem Causing Blood Clots

For years, we have simply considered tooth loss as an issue involving a deficiency in calcium and the progression of aging. The consumption of food items rich in calcium such as milk and dairy products were thus considered as preventative measures against tooth deterioration and frequent visits to the dentist. However, recent studies have shown here to read more

Tongue Color Can Predict Your Health

It might not necessarily a traditional way to predict your health, but there research is now showing that in terms of preventative and treatment options, it could have some serious validity. The state and color of your tongue is now being said that it could give you a pretty good indicator of what’s going on here to read more

Is Your Own Home Triggering Your Allergies?

In the last few decades, there has been a growing concern for the quality of indoor air that circulates in homes. Respiratory health problems have been reported to be associated with the quality of the materials used in the construction of homes, including allergic reactions to paint and other building materials. The amount of time here to read more

Avoid the Itch. Natural Mosquito Repellants.

The annoying buzzing on your patio may make you want to head inside, but you shouldn’t let mosquitos ruin your summer! There are some natural mosquito remedies as well as preventative methods that you can use to help repel those nasty mosquitos. Treatment and Natural Mosquito Remedies There are a number of natural options that here to read more

How Infection Can Lead to Cancer

Despite the ominous nature of cancer, scientists have been unable to develop any sort of preventative measure to effectively block cancer development and thereby eliminate cancer risk. Despite some gaps in our understanding of cancer, scientists have pinpointed a variety of factors that increase cancer risk and some of the most well known include: smoking, here to read more

Does Your Hygiene Really Affect Your Immunity?

In 1989, Dr. David Strachan proposed the hygiene hypothesis as the mechanism responsible for the development of the body’s immune system. According to Strachan, when an individual is exposed to viral and bacterial infections early in life, such as that during infancy, the chances of developing allergies during adulthood would be smaller. The hygiene hypothesis here to read more

Common Oral Health Questions Answered

For decades doctors have known that oral health can have a big impact on your general health. How you take care of your teeth and gums could determine whether or not the rest of your body will be in good shape. As the public becomes more aware of this connection, doctors and dentists face a here to read more