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If you had acne as a teen, read this

Acne is most common among teens, as hormones are changing during those years. Now that you’re older, you probably don’t suffer from acne, but if you once did, new research findings may have you a bit worried. The study suggests that if you’re a male and once lived with teenage acne, you are at a here to read more

National Healthy Skin Month: Psoriasis diet, rheumatoid arthritis & skin problems, essential oils for aging skin

November has been officially designated Nationally Healthy Skin Month in the U.S. Our skin is our only barrier against the harsh elements, which makes protecting it all the more important, especially for the upcoming winter months. To better inform our readers about various skin conditions, we have compiled a list of some of our best here to read more


World Vitiligo Day: Vitiligo diet, insulin resistance, thyroid disease risk, dry eye syndrome

June 25th is World Vitiligo Day. It is a global event whose purpose is to raise awareness of vitiligo—a skin disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. Sadly, those affected by this condition are subjected to bullying, social neglect, and psychological trauma due to their odd appearance. We here to read more

The Healthy Truth: Sunscreen tips

Dear Friend, It’s crazy to think that it’s already mid-May, which means summer is fast approaching. With the days becoming increasingly longer and the sun getting stronger, it’s important to protect your skin against the sun’s potentially harmful rays. But frankly, you shouldn’t wait for summer to use sunscreen. In fact, sunscreen should be worn here to read more

Psoriasis more common in women than men: Study

Psoriasis is an abnormal skin disorder that often manifests as scaly patches that are typically red and itchy. It is considered an autoimmune disorder and it occurs more often in men than in women, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Umeå University and Karolinska Institutet. Published in the American Journal of Clinical here to read more

Surprising factors that may cause skin irritation

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and though you may know to slather on the sunscreen before heading outdoors, there are other less well-known factors that can cause damage and irritation to your skin. Protect yourself this coming spring by becoming aware of the hidden hazards you may find in your own backyard—citrus fruits, here to read more