The Healthy Truth: Natural way to treat nasty sunburns

The-healthy-truth-natural-way-to-treat-nasty-sunburnsDear friends,

How has your summer been? Have you experienced a nasty sunburn yet by any chance? I sure did when I was in the Caribbean a few weeks ago. Normally, when I travel down south, I tend to go when it’s winter in Canada so that I am escaping the bitter cold, but this year I ventured down there in July.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the sun so strong in my life—I felt my skin roasting! I was applying sunscreen every 10 minutes and yet the inevitable happened. I got burned, and boy was it bad. Wearing clothing of any sort was incredibly painful. I thought for sure my vacation was ruined, as it seemed that I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being burnt.

But then I remembered a remedy that I once heard and read about years ago.

Sure, using aloe is go-to for treating sunburns, but unfortunately, I hadn’t brought any with me. Furthermore, the jelly aloe barely contains any real aloe, or at least not nearly enough to offer you lasting relief. So instead I opted for the next best thing that was readily available to me.

So, what was my go-to sunburn remedy? Tea bags!

Believe it or not, tea bags are actually a great way to treat sunburns because tea contains plenty of antioxidants that can help heal the skin. When it comes to treating sunburns, all types of tea can be used, but if you want maximum relief, I would suggest opting for a black tea. Black tea contains the highest level of tannins, which helps reduce the heat of a sunburn. For maximum results, you may want to use a variety of teas, as they each contain a unique mix of ingredients that can help improve a sunburn.

I had chamomile available, so that’s what I used. When I showered — in cold water of course, you should never shower in hot water with a burn — I soaked the tea bags under the running water and pressed it against the areas I was burnt. I promise you, by the next day, I already felt so much better!
Some experts may also recommend steeping a large bath with tea and soaking in it. Others may steep the tea in water and then soak up the liquid with a cloth, applying it that way. I directly applied the bag on my skin and was perfectly fine with that method.

I highly recommend this sunburn remedy. It’s natural and works great.

Really, though, the best way to treat a sunburn is to prevent it. Always be careful when heading outdoors. The sun can be quite damaging, and trying to enjoy yourself with a sunburn is a miserable experience.

Even though we are more than halfway through summer, there are still plenty of opportunities left to get burnt. Be careful!


Until next time,

Emily Lunardo

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