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Is Inflammation the Cause of All Disease?

Inflammation is a protective attempt by the body to remove whatever is injuring or trying to injure you. In some ways inflammation is good because it is trying to initiate the healing process; however, chronic inflammation can lead to many different diseases. Today there is a lot of discussion in the medical community about whether here to read more

How Diets Contribute to Healthy Joints

Osteoarthritis pertains to the inflammation of joints, causing stiffness and difficulty in movement.  This form of inflammation is often observed among the elderly and has caused millions of dollars worth of medical tests and medications.  Osteoarthritis has also affects the quality of life of an individual because it decreases one’s capacity to perform routine activities, here to read more

The 3 Things Stopping You from Healthy Joints

Muscle soreness and pain in our joints can be the result of injury, infection, illness or normal wear and tear. For some people discomfort and chronic joint pain make it hard to enjoy life. Rheumatologists say millions of sufferers do have control over the condition of their joints; in many cases they believe there are here to read more

Don’t Ignore the Top 3 Causes of Inflammation

Osteoarthritis pertains to the inflammation of joints, resulting in joint stiffness and pain.  This musculoskeletal disorder has been reported to affect almost 40% of the elderly population across the globe.  Health organizations have been concerned about the growing number of cases of osteoarthritis because it is well known that this condition associated with inflammation, pain, here to read more


Busting the Top Arthritis Myths

Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States. It is no wonder that most people are familiar with the disease. The joint pain and inflammation that comes with arthritis can be debilitating. Many of us have seen someone suffer these symptoms. At the same time we have likely been exposed to here to read more

What Salt Means for Osteoporosis Patients

More than 40 million people in the United States have osteoporosis or are at risk of developing osteoporosis because of low bone mass.  With the staggering number of people suffering from this condition, researchers are always studying to learn more about the causes and treatments for this disease.   Scientists have often wondered why individuals who here to read more

Pollution is Way More Harmful than You Thought

If you are experiencing difficulty in breathing and sometimes sharp pain in the chest, then it might be possible that the air in your environment may be of poor quality. Air pollution is generally described as air that is contaminated with various types of particles that come from factories and vehicle exhaust. Imagine the kind here to read more

Vitamin E to Help Muscle?

Everyday activities, as well as exercise, can cause the cell membranes of your muscles to tear which can lead to inflammation and muscle soreness. Many people reach into their medicine cabinets for pain killers or anti-inflammatory pills to deal with inflammation and muscle soreness, but what if there was a Vitamin that could help? New here to read more

What to Do When Pain Keeps You Awake.

According to Statistics Canada, more than 50% of the population struggles with the occasional or frequent inability to fall and/or stay asleep. Tossing and turning because you just can’t seem to shut your mind off is indeed agitating, however adding inflammation and pain into the mix can make sleeplessness unbearable. Even worse, is the fact here to read more

How to Build Better Bones

Aging is commonly associated with the development of various medical conditions, some of which can influence our quality of life. One of the most frequent ailments reported among older adults involves joint pain. The occurrence of joint pain is often coupled with joint stiffness and sharp pain, making it difficult to walk, stand, and bend. here to read more