How Diets Contribute to Healthy Joints

joint stiffnessOsteoarthritis pertains to the inflammation of joints, causing stiffness and difficulty in movement.  This form of inflammation is often observed among the elderly and has caused millions of dollars worth of medical tests and medications.  Osteoarthritis has also affects the quality of life of an individual because it decreases one’s capacity to perform routine activities, including the simple of act of walking and standing.

To relieve the symptoms associated with inflammation, over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and paracetamol could be taken.  There are also stronger drugs that may be prescribed by a physician to reduce inflammation in the joints.  Unfortunately, these medications are generally used to decrease the discomfort of poor joint health and may not totally reverse the condition of inflammation.

Joint Health Through Diets


According to a recent medical report published in the journal Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation, the use of healthy, nutritious diets may more effectively improve the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.  As discussed by the author of the report, Dr. Hector Lopez explained that natural agents in healthy, nutritious diets have the capacity to prevent inflammation and more importantly, reverse osteoarthritis.  In certain cases, eating healthy, nutritious diets may also reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, allowing a person to maintain joint health.

The recent medical report focuses on the benefits of consuming diets rich in lipids, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  These fatty acids can act as sources of energy for the cells of the body, allowing a person to engage in physical activities that require strength and stamina.  More importantly, fatty acids drive specific chemical reactions in the body that are involved in preventing inflammation, including those that affect joint health.  Lipid-rich diets may also maintain the hormone levels in an individual, thus preventing the development of diseases that are caused by imbalances in hormones, including diabetes and obesity. The omega fatty acids are naturally present in fish, including salmon and cod.

Inflammation and Joint Health – How Diets Can Help

The article also presents details on how fatty acids prevent inflammation.  The report shows that consumption of diets rich in fatty acids triggers the activity of other proteins in the body that combat symptoms of inflammation.  For example, poor joint health is generally associated with the production of proteins that induce cells and tissues to repair damaged tissues.  However, this type of signal may also generate other proteins in the body, thus resulting in a myriad of biologic agents circulating in the blood.  On the other hand, the presence of omega fatty acids directly acts on the affected tissues of the body, thus preventing a massive reaction from cells and tissues.

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The benefits of eating healthy diets continues to grow through the release of medical reports that describe the actual mechanisms involved in the prevention of specific medical conditions.  Nutritious and well-balanced diets are not only a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, but also supply the body with fatty acids that can improve joints.  It is thus helpful to include fish in regular diets in order for the body to receive fatty acids that may help prevent joint diseases.

The recent medical report allows readers to understand that healthy joints can be achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes the consumption of nutritious food items that are rich in essential healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.  It is also important to control the amount of sugar consumed on a regular basis.  Routine physical exercise may also help in the maintenance of the body by promoting better circulation and agility.  Nutritious food items also enhance the body’s capacity to repair damaged cells and tissues.