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Homemade granola with coconut, raisins and almonds for breakfast in a jar and a bowl

Fiber Might Be the Fix for Your Stroke Risk

Eat more fiber and experience a lower risk for stroke. That seems to be the result of a recently published study. It looks like the more...

Fresh organic peppers and a stick of celery in closeup picture. Hot red cilli with green cutting isolated on garden green background. Peppers garden in the fall harvest season.

Spices for Circulation

There are a lot of reasons why you should care about blood circulation. Poor circulation can lead pain, cramps, cold hands and feet, digestive troubles, and...

Is Salt Really the Enemy?

It’s quite possible that no seasoning gets a worse rap than salt. But why? Is it really that much of a risk to your health? I...

Young Asian female doctor checking blood pressure of male Asian patient

Is 120/80 Ideal for Everybody?

Most people recognize the 120/80 ratio as one thing: a healthy blood pressure. But should it be the goal for everybody? A blood pressure reading of...