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Would You Drink Less Soda If It Was Taxed Higher?

Do you think you’d consume less sugar if sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks were taxed at an additional rate? A new study suggests you likely would not. New research looking at the city of Philadelphia’s tax on sugar-sweetened drinks found that all it really did was turn people to eating more sugary foods here to read more

Soda Really Is Dangerous Stuff

If you like to stop in for a cheap, cold soda at a national food chain (or virtually any restaurant), think about more than just the price and the temperature. Think about how that cup is holding far more than a safe amount of sugar. Even if it is a small size. According to researchers here to read more

Is Diet Soda Good for You?

One of the top pieces of weight-loss advice you’ll hear is to stop drinking soda. The stuff is loaded with sugar and “empty” calories that can lead to all kinds of health implications. But is diet soda any better? On the surface, it sure seems like it. Diet soda has no sugar and no calories; here to read more

Soda is shrinking your brain: Study

Drinking soda to quench our thirst or as a beverage with our daily meals has become commonplace. We know just how much sugar content soda contains, so we opt for diet, but even diet soda has negative consequences. According to a new study, drinking sugary soda—or even sugar-free variants—might damage the brain, accelerating brain age here to read more

Soda and energy drinks linked to poor sleep

A new study found that people who complain about poor sleep are also more likely to drink a lot of soda. The study suggests that sleep could be improved with reduction of one’s intake of sweetened and caffeinated beverages. The researchers looked at data from nearly 19,000 adults. Those participants who slept for five or here to read more

A soda a day increases prediabetes risk

A new study has found that having a soda a day increases the risk of prediabetes. Prediabetes is considered a warning sign of diabetes, but even at this stage preventative measures can take place in order to reduce a person’s risk of developing diabetes. The study found that a soda a day increased a person’s here to read more

Fewer American teens are drinking soda

Fewer American teenagers are choosing to drink soda – in fact, the consumption rates dropped by as much as a third in the last two years. More youth prefer bottled water to the sugar-loaded sodas. Michael Jacobson, president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said, “Over the past 15 years, a great here to read more


Soda tax reduces consumption of sugary beverage

Mexico has implemented a soda tax which has led to a reduction in consumption of the popular sugary beverage. Researchers believe this soda tax may be a viable step towards the fight against obesity as soda consumption has been linked to growing waist lines. The tax was first implemented January 1st 2014 in Mexico and here to read more

Infographic – How Soda Affects your Health

Effect of Soda on your Health Related Reading: Side effects of drinking too much diet soda Drinking soda can have negative health effects; more specifically, drinking too much diet soda can have serious side effects which can impair your health. Soda ban rejected for NYC: So are soft drinks good for you? Mayor Bloomberg had here to read more

Side effects of drinking too much diet soda

Drinking soda can have negative health effects; more specifically, drinking too much diet soda can have serious health side effects. Just because they added the word “diet,” it doesn’t mean it is any healthier. In fact, the diet variety can be more harmful as it contains aspartame and other artificial, no-calorie sweeteners. Overall, consuming soda’s here to read more

Study: Diet soda can make you gain weight

Don’t let the term “diet” in diet soda fool you; diet soda can still lead to weight gain. A new study looked at the dietary habits of over 22,000 Americans and concluded that, to compensate for the drop in calories from a diet beverage, people tend to overeat other food items that often contain more here to read more