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Do this one thing for better digestion

By: Bel Marra Health | Monday, October 31, 2016 - 05:30 AM
stress causes indigestion

Eating too much or eating the wrong foods can definitely lead to poor digestion. Not having enough fiber or not drinking enough water, too, can be a cause of sluggish digestion, but have you ever thought of the impact of… Read More

More Americans reporting stress asociated with election

By: Mohan Garikiparithi | Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 10:00 AM
More Americans reporting stress as result of election

The presidential election is causing Americans mounds of stress, according to new survey results. Lynn Bufka, associate executive director for practice research and policy at the American Psychological Association (APA), explained, “We’re seeing that it doesn’t matter whether you’re registered… Read More

Stressed? Try these simple fixes

By: Bel Marra Health | Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 09:49 AM
Stressed? Try these simple fixes

We all get stressed from time to time, and a little bit of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when you’re stressed day in and day out, all that extra cortisol can take a negative toll on your body.… Read More

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