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Sleep deprivation linked to stress and depression

Sleep deprivation linked to stress and depressionSleep deprivation has been linked to higher levels of stress and depression. Today, life stress and the general hubbub of modern society can keep us up at night. And for caffeine-fueled North Americans – with smartphones and tablets at their …

Depression and stress levels increase risk of liver disease, hepatitis

Depression and stress levels increase risk of liver disease, hepatitisDepression, anxiety and stress levels have been shown to increase the risk of death by liver disease. The findings come from the University of Edinburgh, and it’s the first study to identify a possible link between psychological distress and death …

Liking on Facebook good for stress, being liked not so good

fb likeFacebook has been found to have positive and negative effects on a teen’s stress; liking posts on Facebook is good for stress but being liked may be harmful. The findings come from the University of Montreal and the Institut Universitaire …

Thanksgiving, social anxiety disorder and depression: Overcoming holiday stress

Thanksgiving, social anxiety disorder and depression; overcoming holiday season stressThe holiday season, although a joyous time, can be difficult for someone with a social anxiety disorder, which can worsen anxiety, stress and depression. With the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities right around the corner (November 26th, in case you …

Sleep apnea, stress and anxiety can increase risk of bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding)

Sleep apnea, stress and anxiety can increase risk of bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding)Bruxism, which is essentially teeth grinding, has been linked to obstructive sleep apnea and evidence shows that stress and anxiety also play significant roles in this growing problem.

If you grind, clench or gnash your teeth during the day or …

Alzheimer’s disease protein link with brain stress response found

Alzheimer’s disease protein link with brain stress response foundResearchers from the University of Florida have found a link between an Alzheimer’s disease protein and the brain’s stress response. The research was conducted on mouse models as well as in human cells. The findings revealed a stress-coping hormone released …

5 stress triggers you didn’t know

Unusual causes of stress There are many obvious triggers recognized as stress intensifiers; a sudden deadline, meeting new people or even an accident can have our hearts pounding and our palms sweating. But then there are triggers which we may not even consciously be …

Facts about heart palpitations

Causes, symptoms and treatment of heart palpitationsIn a healthy adult, the heart should average between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Factors which determine heart rate are activity level, exertion of the body and even stress levels. Throughout the day our heartbeats may quicken or slow; …

Anxiety in workplace lowers job performance

Anxiety in workplace lowers job performanceUniversity of Toronto Scarborough and Rotman School of Management professors uncovered that anxiety in the workplace is linked with lower job performance and can be affected by relationships between co-workers.

The team’s focus was on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police …

Effects of sleep deprivation on energy levels

mental healthSleep pertains to an actual phase in which both the body and mind are allowed to rest. During sleep, a person is generally inactive and thus, not aware of his or her immediate surroundings. Individuals experiencing sleep problems due to …

One thing that could seriously be hurting your healthy diet

stress leads to poor food choiceIt seems hard to believe, but we make over 200 food-related decisions on a daily basis. Neurologists say it isn’t just a case of deciding what to eat, but when to eat, where, how much, and with whom.

When people …

The technique to combat stress

Deep breathing to combat stressWe all experience stress – some more than others. Although stress is a normal response, over the long-term it can have detrimental effects on your health. Combating stress is important; it can help improve your health and the stressful situation.…

Uncommon symptoms explain why you’re stressed

stress symptomsIf I asked you now to rate your level of stress from one to 10, what number would you pick? If you have a lot going on in your life you may rank your stress level above five. If you …

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