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Emergency Symptoms – Don’t Ignore Them

toxinsFrom time to time people get sick. A little rest and relaxation usually gets them back on track; feeling better. When symptoms don’t seem to dissipate after a few days in bed, it just might be time to take a closer look at what the problem is. Physicians say in some cases common symptoms are ignored, but shouldn’t … Read More

Does Coffee Cause Damage to Your Eyes?

damageGlaucoma is an eye health disorder characterized by damage to the optic nerve and a gradual loss in eyesight. Glaucoma is the second greatest cause of blindness in America, and aging, nearsightedness, high blood pressure, diabetes, and an  injury to the eye can call increase your likelihood for developing it. According to a recent study conducted at the … Read More

Essential Oils for Your Aging Skin?

 damageIf you happen to glance and the mirror and see dull, aging skin you may want to consider using essential oils to help repair the damage that you see.  Even if you don’t see dull skin or wrinkles today, you may want to consider using essential oils as a preventative measure from damage that can be caused to … Read More

Understanding Free Radicals

free radicalsFree radicals are now considered the biggest accelerator of aging.   Although you are likely familiar with the term, if you really want to avoid falling victim to free radical damage, you need to know exactly where they come from, what they do to your body and how to neutralize them. Below is an in depth explanation of free … Read More

The Effect of Female Hormones on Dental Health

toothFemale hormones are generally associated with the reproduction and pregnancy.  Estrogen, for example, is the female reproductive hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle.  A lower production of estrogen each month thus increases the likelihood of pregnancy in a woman.  On the other hand, progesterone is another hormone is that associated with pregnancy, allowing the uterus to build … Read More

How to Know if You Smell

immune systemWorrying that you have an unpleasant body odor can negatively affect your self esteem.   The last thing that you need to be worried about when you’re at work or out with friends is a nagging thought that you smell a little “funny”.  Learn about the ways to determine if you smell, as well as the causes, treatment and … Read More

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