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Obesity Higher Amongst Older Women, Down In Younger Children

86497702Well, the United States obesity rates may be down in preschoolers, but they’re up for older women, according to new statistics.

A recent survey, conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), revealed that obesity rates among children – aged 2 to 5 years … Read More

Successful Weight Loss Depends On Your Weekends

456132289Have you ever noticed that on the weekends, you have a lot more time to go out and eat a chili cheese dog or buttered popcorn? Maybe a flavored milkshake or two — or three.

These kinds of end-of-the-week splurges aren’t exactly harmful for you. But to lose weight or maintain your fine form, it’s important to remember … Read More

How to Use Flavor to Lose Weight

178384623If you’re weak for sweet, or can’t say no when presented with salty snacks, than you may blame your insatiable taste buds for your weight gain. But not so fast, friends – your heightened tastes may not be the culprit after all. In fact, you may be able to use your powerful palette to help you lose weight … Read More

Why You May Need to Work Harder to Keep the Weight Off

153048232Obesity has become one of the worst problems in America today, with thousands of people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, joint problems, and other health disorders that stem from being overweight. Many make an effort to lose weight, but aren’t able to maintain this healthy lifestyle. What’s more, a recent study has shown that obesity may make it … Read More

Popular Ads Mean Less Women Trying to Lose Weight

86535998According to a new survey conducted by the NPD group, the amount of women actively trying to lose weight has declined vastly over the past couple of decades.  This is problematic because being overweight increases your risk for type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and fatty liver … Read More

Dual Purpose Diets: What Else Can Weight Loss Do?

There are no shortage of diets out there that promise to help you lose weight and combat obesity. Unfortunately, many diets focus on reducing calories or on restricting carbohydrates and fat and ignore the anti-aging and beautifying effects that diets have the potential to produce. Read on if you want to learn how to create a dual purpose … Read More

Given Up the Obesity Battle? Achieve Your Ideal Weight

No doubt you have heard that each of us has an ideal weight based on our height. For instance, if you are a 5 foot 5 female with a small frame then your weight should be somewhere between 117 and 130 pounds. If you are a 6 foot man with a medium frame then 157 to 170 pounds … Read More

Never Do This If You Want to Lose Weight

dietsWhy You Should Never Diet if You are Trying to Lose Weight

Reason #1: Diets Fail in the Long Run

Sure many diets will help you to lose weight while you are on them, however 95% of people who lose weight from a diet will regain the weight and then some, once they go off of it.

Reason Read More

Why If You Weigh More – You Cost More

lose weightHealth agencies recognize the fact that certain lifestyle behaviors can decrease the likelihood of attaining good health by promoting the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.  For example, excessive consumption of fat- and sugar-rich food items may increase the chances of developing obesity, which is a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation of … Read More

Dr. Oz Furious Over Green Coffee Scams

weight lossYou would have to go a long way not to have heard of the infamous Dr. Mehmet Oz, with his televised program and website being a regular go-to resource for thousands of people. So when the popular TV doctor came to the forefront with his newest discovery, it came as no shock that many copy-cat health products began … Read More

Craving Junk Food? Eat This…

lose weightFood cravings are often considered as the biggest challenge when one attempts to lose weight.  Cravings are emotions focused on the desire for a food, drink, or chemical that imparts a comforting effect on an individual.  There may thus be cravings for chocolates, donuts, or chips, which are generally considered to be rich in calories and thus not … Read More

New Fad – A Banana to Lose Weight?

Lose weightIt appears to be taking the weight loss community by storm,  but with so many different diets and ways to lose weight, many people might consider it just another fad diet. But with a few celebrity endorsements to back the newest weight loss idea, and the general simplicity of it, perhaps it isn’t the worst idea to incorporate … Read More

Forget the Gym and Just Eat Less?

 caloriesIt might be easier said than done, but it’s worthy of a mention following some shocking new research. With all of the big gyms and trainers pushing hot, sweaty and time consuming work-outs it really might be some research that is shaking the very foundation of weight loss efforts around the globe.

Louisiana State University research is now … Read More

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