Dr. Oz Furious Over Green Coffee Scams

weight lossYou would have to go a long way not to have heard of the infamous Dr. Mehmet Oz, with his televised program and website being a regular go-to resource for thousands of people. So when the popular TV doctor came to the forefront with his newest discovery, it came as no shock that many copy-cat health products began popping up, too.

The newest craze was green coffee extract, and the TV doctor had some impressive things to say about this newest craze. But it wasn’t long before the excitement of a popular and effective new weight loss supplement had a negative association. Green coffee extract products began to take on the association of fraud with the image of ruthless health companies trying to take your money – and all without the proper ingredients within them to make the product effective.


With the weight loss supplements being a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s no surprise that Dr. Oz is taking issue with the cold hand of the faux-supplement industry trying to seize a piece of the so-called financial pie.

The Latest Weight Loss Aid’s Authenticity

This latest weight loss aid is one of the newest on the market, and it was exciting when green coffee extract came with an (unofficial) celebrity endorsement from Dr. Oz. He said that green coffee bean extract can help people lose weight. But it all depends on having authentic ingredients in amounts that allow for optimal effectiveness.

Dr. Oz is quick to say that he doesn’t want his name associated with any green coffee extract product but he does offer up some advice to people who are looking for a product for its effective ingredient dosages.  His main point of contention with the ‘fake’ green coffee extract is that in order to be effective, green coffee supplements need to have 45% chlorogenic acid.

What makes chlorogenic acid the effective ingredient in the product is because it is said to block sugar absorption by your body and boost fat metabolism in the liver. This, in turn can help an individual to lose weight.
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So what can be taken from the advice of the good doctor is pretty simple: A little awareness over purchases, and making sure to educate yourself on what makes a product effective is imperative to your weight loss experience being an effective one.  Quality ingredients in the proper amounts and research are both key, and not all supplement companies have the best intentions.