How to use essential oils for stress relief

The use of essential oils for stress relief is just one of the many applications for these versatile liquids. There are many different essential oils that, with the proper application, can be used as an effective remedy for many ailments. Chronic stress is one of the most common reasons people turn to essential oil treatment. here to read more

How to stop feeling lonely

Loneliness is defined as an unpleasant feeling caused by a difference between the level of social connectedness you have and the level of social connectedness you want for yourself. It does not necessarily have anything to do with the number of friends you have or whether you are in a relationship—people who have lots of here to read more

Prebiotics may help improve sleep and reduce stress: study

While the benefits of probiotics have been widely touted—encouraging people to consume yogurts and kefir in order to get their dose of good bacteria—new research has found that another form of gut-health agent, prebiotics, can also improve your overall health and well-being. Prebiotics function as food for healthy gut bacteria and have been found to here to read more

Tips to improve your focus

Staying on task can be especially difficult in today’s society, as we are bombarded with so many distractions that can cause us to lose focus. If you find you sometimes have trouble focusing or concentrating on the task at hand, continue reading to discover what may be causing this and how you can remedy the here to read more

Prebiotics could help manage stress: Study

The prebiotics found in food like asparagus, oatmeal, and legumes could help you manage stress and regulate your sleep after a traumatic event, according to a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder. Acute stress can affect the gut bacteria within your intestines, and researchers set out to discover whether eating a prebiotic enriched here to read more

High stress activity in the brain may indicate heart attack, stroke risk in future

High stress activity in the brain may indicate a future risk of heart attack and stroke, according to new research. Ahmed Tawakol of Massachusetts General Hospital coauthored the recent study, which found that those with a higher level of activity in the stress center of the brain showed evidence of arterial inflammation—a leading cause of here to read more

Having a stressed-out partner leads to a larger waistline

A new study has found that having a stressed-out partner can increase the size of your waist. Researcher Kira Birditt explained, “We found that your partner’s stress, and not your own, predicted an increased waist circumference over time.” The researchers also found that quality of marriage affected waist circumference over the course of four years. here to read more

Do this one thing for better digestion

Eating too much or eating the wrong foods can definitely lead to poor digestion. Not having enough fiber or not drinking enough water, too, can be a cause of sluggish digestion, but have you ever thought of the impact of stress on the well-being of your tummy? Bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea are all annoying here to read more