Menopause lowers good cholesterol (HDL) protection, raises atherosclerosis risk

Menopause lowers high density lipoprotein (HDL) protection, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis in women. Atherosclerosis is the narrowing and hardening of the arteries as plaque builds up along their walls. Atherosclerosis can lead to coronary heart disease – responsible for one in three deaths of women. When low density lipoprotein (LDL) builds up and accumulates here to read more

One-third of menopause hormones used are unapproved, untested compound drugs

One-third of menopausal women in the U.S. are taking hormone compound drugs that are unapproved and/or untested. These women believe hormone therapies are safer than the FDA approved treatments, but new cases of endometrial cancer among compound drug users reveals how dangerous they can truly be. Roughly 3,700 women between the ages of 40 and here to read more

The Latest Diet Trend That Helps with Hot Flashes

For literally thousands of years, people living along the Mediterranean coast have consumed diets rich in plant-based foods without giving them much thought.  Over the last decade, though, countless studies have shown that following a Mediterranean diet has the potential to protect us against the development of heart disease, certain cancers, particular neurological problems, diabetes, here to read more

Awkward Menopause Questions Answered

Menopause can be a scary and confusing time with all of the changes that happen to your body because of fluctuation hormones.  While you may be embarrassed to talk to your health care professional about awkward questions that you many have about your body during menopause, it is essential that you talk about your questions here to read more

Early Menopause – Not All About Aging

Early menopause pertains to the cessation of the menstrual cycle and associated reproductive hormones before the age of 40 years old.  Menopause generally occurs at an average age of 51 years old, with some women experiencing menopause during their late 40s, whereas other enter menopause in the early 50s. The cessation of the occurrence of here to read more

Menopause and Hot Flashes

If you’re a middle-aged woman, going through menopause, you may have experienced the “dreaded” hot flash. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of warmth, usually felt in the face, neck and chest. These areas may turn red and you may sweat profusely which may result in a chill. Hot flashes can be caused by here to read more

How Much Potential Does Maca Really Have?

Maca shows limitless potential, and with so many rumors and claims circulating, it is something that many researchers are saying is deserving of a second glance. One of the biggest claims regarding maca, and a big part of what has gained it so much recognition is the impact maca can potentially have on the sexual here to read more