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Aspartame vs. Sugar – Is One Any Better?

If you’re focused on weight loss, counting calories may be something that you’re familiar with. In an effort to limit calories, most people cut out fast food and junk food. Many people turn to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame instead of sugar as another way to reduce calories. Which is better – sugar or aspartame? here to read more

What my son just doesn’t understand

When it comes to packing my son, Quinton’s, lunch box, I’m an all-star. No ready-made Lunchables. I’ve got three types of raw vegetables, often with dip on the side, a sandwich with nitrate-free ham and lettuce, or nut butter (no peanuts, of course), organic applesauce, sunflower seeds. Gold star! He’s just turned five and is here to read more

Being Tired Could Be Making You Fat

If you are thinking about cutting back on sleep, and are worried about your weight, you might want to rethink that strategy. A new study now shows that skimping on sleep might mean you consume more calories. The small study, presented recently at an American Heart Association Meeting says that people who are deprived of here to read more

Married Men More Likely to Binge Eat

Binge eating isn’t an issue that should be taken lightly, and as it turns out, married men are more likely to pay the price when it comes to the affliction. New research is showing that women are playing a more active role than before in their partners eating habits. For example, when not consulted about here to read more

Top 5 Biggest Fast Food Offenders

Food shouldn’t be your arch-nemesis, but in some cases, if you are fighting weight gain and obesity issues, maybe some of your food fears are completely justified. Fattening and high calorie foods can cause weight gain if you can’t exercise enough to burn the extra calories. While a little indulgence isn’t the worst possible thing, here to read more

Eating Chocolate for Weight Loss?

Do you find it hard to skip your favorite chocolate bar or junk food for quick weight loss?  A recent study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University showed that eating chocolate or junk food such as a sweet snack actually helps in natural weight loss.  The most common recommendation for overweight and obese people is here to read more

Paying the Price of an Unhealthy Diet

Most of us have probably thought, at one time or another, “wow, that trip to the grocery store was really expensive”, you then looked in your bags are saw apples, carrots, lettuce, whole wheat bread and so on.  The problem is that not everyone can afford to do this; many people can’t afford to eat here to read more