Eating Chocolate for Weight Loss?

natural weight lossDo you find it hard to skip your favorite chocolate bar or junk food for quick weight loss?  A recent study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University showed that eating chocolate or junk food such as a sweet snack actually helps in natural weight loss.  The most common recommendation for overweight and obese people is to avoid eating junk food in order to achieve natural weight loss.  Other food items that are often discouraged include chocolates, soda, and other sugary items.

Chocolate for Natural Weight Loss

Losing weight can be quite challenging, especially when the food choices are limited to those low in carbohydrates and fats.  In addition, most people struggling with weight issues are not big fans of vegetables and fruits and instead, find comfort in feeding on junk food, processed food items, and fast food products.  If the need to lose weight is urgent, some people go for the quick weight loss strategy, starving themselves for a week or so, just to shed off some pounds and look a little better at a certain event.

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Strategies for quick weight loss may not be the best way for natural weight loss because the sudden decrease in weight may result in certain medical conditions such as the production of gallstones and ulcer.  And depending on the society you live in, the impact of your quick weight loss can also be positive or negative, depending on the beholder.  For a society that is fixated in getting thin, a quick weight loss serves as a positive sign that you are getting a hold of your life.  In other societies, quick weight loss signifies depression, trouble in a relationship, or unemployment.

The best method for natural weight loss involves following a healthy lifestyle, including nutritious meals that are devoid of junk food and other sugary and fatty food items.  Several companies even ship meals that guarantee natural weight loss, if not quick weight loss.  These prepared meals may be costly, yet may also be effective to certain individuals.

Junk Food and Fast Food: The Effects

According to the Pennsylvania State University study, approximately 26 women who were classified as either overweight or obese were subjected to an 18-week program using a low-calorie diet for natural weight loss.  However, this low-calorie diet still included junk food in the form of either a dark chocolate bar for one group or a non-chocolate food item as snack for the other group.  By the end of the study, both groups lost approximately 10 lbs and showed a similar decrease in body fat.  The results of this natural weight loss program also resulted in smaller measurements for their hips and waist.

The study showed that natural weight loss could be effectively attained by reducing the total amount of calories consumed on a daily basis, regardless of the inclusion of junk food such as a chocolate bar each day.  The total amount of calories taken in by the body is the most important issue that needs to be addressed in every natural weight loss program, as this influences the amount of fat that will be stored in the body.  The use of low-calorie meals will also prevent the development of ulcers and gallstones that are commonly associated with quick weight loss strategies such as skipping meals or simply not eating for several days to lose weight.

Quick weight loss may be the fastest way to shed those pounds, but this does not appear to be the safest and most enjoyable way for natural weight loss.  Quick weight loss also increases the chance for developing additional, yet preventable medical disorders.  The recent article describing the controlled inclusion of junk food with a low-calorie diet is a novel way of losing weight without inducing the discomfort and disappointment associated with weight loss.  It is thus possible to continue enjoying junk food even while trying to lose weight, as long as the amount of junk food and total amount of calories consumed each day are controlled.