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Prostate Enlargement Treatment Associated with Developing Heart Failure

According to a study published in The Journal of Urology, men who take medications for enlarged prostate may be at a higher risk for developing heart failure. Although the risk is small, researchers warn it is still significant and should be considered by physicians when prescribing the medication. Researchers from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, here to read more


Factors that Affect Testosterone

Some guys seem to have all the fun. They look and do things you could never imagine doing at your age. Why is that? Some men age better than others. They seem to have more energy and look and feel younger than what you might consider “normal” for your (their) age. Part of the answer here to read more

Can This Help You with Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be a major source of frustration. Little can be more irritating or embarrassing than a failure to stand at attention when called upon. Adding to the trouble is that ED might be a sign of vascular disease. No matter what, restoring adequate blood flow to your penis to achieve and maintain a here to read more

Testosterone Can Help Revert Type 2 Diabetes in Men

The largest study of testosterone treatment in men has found that it may help to prevent or reverse those newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Researchers believe this landmark study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology will prompt renewed interest in preventing diabetes in at-risk men. The study, known as T4DM (Testosterone for the here to read more

Are You Worried about Low Testosterone?

Testosterone has been taking a bit of a hit in the news these days. Men appear more susceptible to COVID-19, and some are blaming potential immunosuppressive effects of the primary male sex hormone. What is the connection between testosterone and immune health? There is evidence showing that high testosterone can influence susceptibility to pathogens. Men here to read more

How to Keep Testosterone High In Lockdown

If you were regularly going to the gym before going into lockdown, you’re likely feeling pretty different these days. Although very useful, bodyweight exercises or bands don’t have the same feel as iron. Resistance training and muscle mass are critical to testosterone levels, especially with age. Testosterone naturally drops with age, and a sedentary lifestyle here to read more