Can This Help You with Erectile Dysfunction?

Doctors are consulting with young men about prostate cancer and venereal disease, including sexual dysfunction.Men Health ConceptErectile dysfunction can be a major source of frustration. Little can be more irritating or embarrassing than a failure to stand at attention when called upon.

Adding to the trouble is that ED might be a sign of vascular disease.


No matter what, restoring adequate blood flow to your penis to achieve and maintain a firm erection can make you feel good and healthy.

Diet might help you do it.

Vascular health and optimal blood flow are enhanced by nitric oxide (NO), a molecule that’s abundant in nearly every type of cell in your body. It relaxes blood vessels to improve blood flow when it’s released into the bloodstream.

But how can you release it? One way is through diet. Certain foods feature amino acids and other compounds that can enhance NO production to boost blood levels.

Data exists to show that diet, and NO, can play a significant impact on erection quality and the risk of ED.

One study found that impaired NO activity can promote a greater risk for ED and that ED may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease much like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type-2 diabetes.


Further, there is data to suggest that eating a diet rich in whole, natural foods like fruit, vegetables, fish, and whole grains, with fewer processed foods, can decrease the likelihood of ED.

It does seem as though ED risk is closely associated with heart health. So, if you exhibit any risks to overall cardiovascular function—overweight, smoking, high blood pressure, etc.—there is probably a greater likelihood you’re at risk for ED.

But lifestyle changes can help you reverse course. Losing weight, improving diet, or supplementing with NO precursors can help improve blood flow to increase your chances of a firm sustainable erection.

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