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In postmenopausal women, even light physical activities are effective against weight gain

In postmenopausal women, even light physical activities effective against weight gainPhysical activity has proven to be an effective way to combat weight gain in premenopausal and postmenopausal women– even in moderate amounts. Menopause signifies the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle as well as fertility. During this time the ovaries …

Study: Diet soda can make you gain weight

Diet SodaDon’t let the term “diet” in diet soda fool you; diet soda can still lead to weight gain. A new study looked at the dietary habits of over 22,000 Americans and concluded that, to compensate for the drop in calories …

Not everybody gains weight after quitting smoking: Study

Not everybody gains weight after quitting smoking: Study Doctors and loved ones give smokers umpteen reasons to quit smoking. And smokers always give the same reason or excuse for why they don’t want to quit – quitting may lead to some weight gain. Well, smokers, you need not …

Are Americans eating too much protein?

ProteinOur diet requires a few simple things: Fat, carbohydrates and protein. In a perfect balance you’ll feel great, energized and receive all the essential vitamins and minerals. But when we don’t eat in balance, having too much protein for example, …

Full-Fat Paradox: Why Whole Milk Makes You Lean

FAT, WEIGHT GAINAlright, admit it. How many times have you caved in to the creaminess of a full-fat latte or frozen yogurt?

It’s an indulgence you don’t necessarily need to worry about. In fact, if you want to reduce your body fat, …

The Personality Trait that Leads to Weight Gain

146954752We’ve all experienced cravings before. But some of us seem to struggle harder with them than others, and have a much lower success rate when it comes to handling them in healthy and weight-wise ways. For many people trying to …

The Common Mistake that Leads to Weight Gain

57440427Are you a proud night owl? Do you find yourself crawling into bed late when your friends and family are already lost in dreamland? Do you wake up exhausted, hitting the snooze button again and again?

If so, you may …

Less Housework Means Weight Gain for Women

cleaning!If your husband offers to help with the housework, you may want to think twice before you take him up on the offer.  A lack of physical activity is a known contributing factor to weight gain and obesity.

The decrease …

Infidelity and Weight Loss – The Shocking Tie

162441449It is a subject that isn’t talked about very often, and certainly not one prone to be spoken about publicly, however for those who looking to lose weight, you might be curious to know the exact lengths some of your …

The Link Between Home Altitude and Obesity

Obesity rat133518790es in the United States are at an astonishing level with about one third of Americans being overweight or obese. There are a variety of factors that contribute to weight gain and ultimately obesity, including consuming diets that …

The Effect of Mental Images On Cravings

153896152One of the major issues that needs to be addressed in losing weight is controlling cravings, especially that of junk food.  We all know that weight gain is strongly associated with the consumption of high-calorie food items, coupled with the …

Mixed Weight Couples – Fat Women With Thin Men

140403990Romantic relationships are bound to have their ups and downs, after all there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Did you know however, that the mixed weight theory has thin men and fat women dealing with quite a …

Craziest Weight Loss Diet …and Why

obesityThe battle of the bulge is never ending so it is no wonder that over the years there have been more diet solutions than we can count.  There is the diet that leaves us feeling famished and cranky, the diet …

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