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The Personality Trait that Leads to Weight Gain

Friday, Nov. 8, 2013

146954752We’ve all experienced cravings before. But some of us seem to struggle harder with them than others, and have a much lower success rate when it comes to handling them in healthy and weight-wise ways. For many people trying to battle with weight gain and control body weight, a fundamental connection between mind and body seems to keep on getting in the way. Researchers set out to understand why some people seem to struggle harder with weight gain than others, …

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The Common Mistake that Leads to Weight Gain

Monday, Jul. 22, 2013

57440427Are you a proud night owl? Do you find yourself crawling into bed late when your friends and family are already lost in dreamland? Do you wake up exhausted, hitting the snooze button again and again?

If so, you may want to pay attention to the compounding research studies regarding sleep and weight gain. The study shows that if losing weight is your goal, you should invest in a good mattress and a sleep mask. The report revealed that …

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Less Housework Means Weight Gain for Women

Monday, Mar. 11, 2013

cleaning!If your husband offers to help with the housework, you may want to think twice before you take him up on the offer.  A lack of physical activity is a known contributing factor to weight gain and obesity.

The decrease in the amount of housework being performed by women in recent years compared to decades ago may be contributing to the rising levels of obesity that are being seen in today’s society, according to a recent study published in PLosOne

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Infidelity and Weight Loss – The Shocking Tie

Friday, Mar. 1, 2013

162441449It is a subject that isn’t talked about very often, and certainly not one prone to be spoken about publicly, however for those who looking to lose weight, you might be curious to know the exact lengths some of your peers could be going to in order to battle the bulge.

One study has posed some interesting results, and claim that adultery or infidelity within a marriage could be helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

The Weight Gain

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