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Pets Warm Your Heart…and Also Protect It from Heart Disease

57304673A dog is truly a man’s best friend, but not only for their loyalty. The majority of American’s own a pet, but if you are amongst the 40 percent who do not, you may want to reconsider – a pet may not only warm your heart, but may actually help to protect it as well. Heart disease is … Read More

4 Shocking Cardiac Care Myths

cardiac careAlmost all of us would love the opportunity to live longer and proper cardiac care can help us to do just that. Unfortunately, when it comes to cardiac care and preventing a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke, there are a lot of myths. So before you go swearing off eggs for the rest of your life or … Read More

What Does Heavy Drinking Mean for Stroke

strokeFor decades, heavy consumption of alcohol has been associated with various cardiovascular diseases including hypertension and stroke.  Despite the health campaign initiated by physicians and other healthcare-related groups, the population of alcohol drinkers in society has remained the same.  It is thus important for the general public, with the aid of physicians, to monitor changes in their bodies … Read More

Stroke Victims Aren’t Just Elderly

strokeCardiovascular disease is regarded as the leading cause of mortality in countries across the globe.  This disease may result in the development of a stroke, which may be debilitating if an individual is not given immediate medical attention.  A stroke generally occurs when the heart health of an individual of an individual is not maintained, often resulting in … Read More

Don’t Keep These Secrets from Your Doctor

heart healthHeart health should be a top priority because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention. Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease and can lead to heart attack. According to the CDC someone has a heart … Read More

Could Eggs Give You a Stroke?

strokeNew research from the University of Western may have you swapping your morning eggs for a healthier option to experience good health benefits and help to prevent heart disease and stroke.  Researchers found that eating eggs yolks may be almost as harmful as smoking for individuals who are at risk for heart disease and stroke. The findings … Read More

Don’t Let Heart Disease Be a Silent Killer

heart diseaseHeart disease has affected millions of people around the world and thus health programs have promoted various lifestyle interventions to improve cardiac care and enhance good health. Similar to most chronic diseases, heart disease can affect people of various ages and thus it may also be helpful to recognize methods in detecting heart disease at its earliest stages … Read More

Knee Replacement Increases Heart Attack Risk

 heart attackHaving a total hip or knee replacement may improve your mobility but it may also increase your heart attack risk according to new research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Researchers analyzed data from over 95,000 Danish patients who had a hip or knee replacement in Denmark between 1998 and 2007 in an effort to determine heart Read More

One of the Many Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

heart attackWhen it comes to health, often time’s people feel like they can make decisions on their own; however, medical professionals warn that in some instances self-diagnosis can be dangerous.

Heart attacks are a good example of how people can make a mistake when it comes to self-diagnosing. There have been many cases where people have ignored the symptoms … Read More

Sugary Drinks are Giving You Heart Disease

 live longerHeart disease is considered as one of the major causes of mortality across the globe. To live longer, it is thus important to understand the various ways of cardiac care, including that of preventing the possibility of suffering from a heart attack. Cardiac care may also involve the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle, such as consuming healthy … Read More

Your Body …Just Before a Heart Attack

heart attackIn North American, over 1 million people suffer a heart attack each year. Understanding why and how heart attacks occur is important so that individuals seek treatment early in order to avoid adverse outcomes, such as death. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked long enough that part of the heart muscle is … Read More

What Your Blood Type Says About Your Health

live longerYou probably already know that if you want to preserve your health and live longer, then a healthy diet, regular exercise and proper cardiac care can help you to do just that. You may also be aware that your genes play a role in determining what types of health struggles you may face, but did you know that … Read More

Can Your Job Determine Blood Pressure?

blood pressureDo you feel that your current job makes you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension? Coronary heart disease is regarded as a major cause of mortality across the globe and is strongly associated with problems in maintaining a normal blood pressure. Although studies have shown that improvement in cardiac care and health programs have resulted in a … Read More

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