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This everyday food helps fight the war on cancer

colon cancer, dietDid you know that a diet high in dairy might just increase colon cancer survival?

New research by the American Cancer Society, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, reveals that a diet rich in dairy products may slightly prolong the lives of people diagnosed with colon cancer.

Researchers collected data on roughly 2,300 people diagnosed … Read More

Relief from pain and swelling with this tropical fruit…

HEALTH BENEFITS, HEALTHY FOODPineapple already has so much going for it. It’s delicious, of course, and inherently summery. A cooling treat on a hot day and a nice change of pace from apples and oranges.

But did you know that this healthy food also has impressive health benefits?

Here are the Top 5 reasons to add this healthy food to your … Read More

What you need to eat now to reduce your risk of stroke

DIET, STROKE, Man cannot live on bread alone. Although there is something about bread fresh from the oven that I find hard to resist.

More to the point, do you eat plenty of fish, chicken or eggs? How about soy, nuts and seeds? Well protein-rich foods such as these may be linked to an even lower risk of stroke.

That’s … Read More

Surprising reason why men are dying earlier than women

infertility, mortalityIf you are a man trying to have a child with your partner and planning for the future, you’re probably reasonably healthy at the moment. You may even be in peak mental shape.

But if you’re a guy experiencing fertility “challenges,” you now need to concern yourself with the chance of an early death.

Semen abnormalities push death … Read More

New research turns conventional diet plan for diabetics on its ear

diet, diabetesHave you heard that you should eat several small meals a day to maintain stable blood sugar and lose weight? That notion has made the rounds, and likely endorsed your daily snacking routine (and those handy 100-calorie packets!).

But new research is suggesting this could be bad advice, particularly for diabetics.

Two large meals each day may be … Read More

I can’t believe it’s not sugar! New ‘sweetener’ to hit the market

SUGAR, SWEETENERHow much sugar or sweetener did you add to your tea or coffee this morning? No matter what your preferred style of sweetening up your morning beverage, a newcomer to the market could eliminate the need for either.

A new “sweetness enhancer” has been produced by San Diego-based Senomyx and exclusively licensed by PepsiCo Inc. for use in … Read More

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