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Timely screening in adults can help eradicate vitamin B12 deficiency

Researchers from the Schlegel-University of Waterloo’s Research Institute for Aging and their counterparts at the University of Waterloo found that elderly individuals in long-term care facilities in Ontario were severely deficient in Vitamin B12. In fact, the researchers believe the high deficiency levels warrant B12 screening at admission in order to ensure effective treatment. This here to read more

Treat pernicious anemia (Vitamin B-12 deficiency) to avoid nervous system disorders

Pernicious anemia is a vitamin B-12 deficiency that can contribute to nervous system disorders if left untreated. Pernicious anemia (PA) is an autoimmune disorder where the body does not produce enough red blood cells. Red blood cells are produced with vitamin B-12 and a protein called the intrinsic factor. Vitamin B-12 is found in many here to read more


Your Medicine Could Do You More Harm Than Good

A fifth of American adults take medications that clash with each other, according to new research from Oregon State University and Yale University, underscoring the need to keep all care providers in the loop about each patient’s treatment plan. Nearly 75 percent of older people in the United States have a chronic medical condition, meaning here to read more

Fraudulent Slimming Products Exposed!

There’s no denying that weight loss products boom in the health supplement industry. The market is growing and shows no signs of stopping, with Americans spending an estimated $35 billion each year on weight loss products and programs. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 35.7 percent of American adults as here to read more

Vitamin D: The New Brain Vitamin

Vitamin D is known to increase bone strength by improving your body’s ability to absorb calcium. However, that isn’t the only trick up the sunshine vitamin’s sleeve. New research has shown that vitamin D can actually fight depression, and reduce pain in type 2 diabetic women experiencing depression. RELATED READING: Why your Multivitamin Isn’t Giving here to read more