Breakthrough Vision Discovery: MAX-Z-LUTEIN

450068569Some of it is available from food, but chances are you aren’t getting enough. And it is even possible that you are getting too much. This is the kind of talk that is going to have people who are concerned about eye health (shouldn’t this be everyone?) raising an eyebrow.

With diet and nutrition sometimes put on the back burner with our hectic lifestyles, the best method of attack when it comes to caring for your eyesight is some proactive thinking. This is why the researchers at Bel Marra Health chose to look into two highly effective carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin, two of the naturally-occurring pigments in the eye that protect it from damaging light rays and other invaders. The goal? To provide the extra protection required to have you seeing the full picture – for as long as possible!

Chief Medical Advisor for the Bel Marra Health team, Dr. Victor Marchione, says, “It will be alarming for many people to learn that your eyesight could be deteriorating because of any number of factors in your day to day life. Exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, poor nutrition, smoking and consuming too much sugar are just a few examples.”

Power Combo: Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin each have enough antioxidant power to respectively fight off these common and destructive factors. But the power combination of both compounds is where Bel Marra Health has achieved true success. Company researchers looked at the success of several clinical studies, including one that was published by the journal Optometry where U.S. scientists studied 90 Chicago-area veterans. Participants randomly were divided into three groups, where the first was given a dosage of lutein during a 12-month trial, the second group was given lutein and antioxidants, and a third was given a placebo. Findings concluded that eye health improved with lutein alone or lutein together with other nutrients.

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Another clinical study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the combination of lutein and zeaxanthin may decrease the risk of cataracts severe enough to require extraction. The findings were in strong support of recommendations for the consumption of carotenoids on a daily basis. It was with this (and countless other studies on the benefits of lutein) that drove Bel Marra Health to formulate the unique combination that is MAX-Z-LUTEIN (22 mg). This is the only compound which delivers the optimal dosage of both these effective and important carotenoids together in one convenient formula.

Not Too Much – Not Too Little!

So let’s break them both down:  There are two carotenoids that play a key role in eye health. Lutein is more present in the peripheral retina and the rods, whereas zeaxanthin is seen in the central retina, cones and the macula. So that’s two carotenoids fighting for the greater good – the quality and longevity of your eye health.

The human body requires up to a 10 mg daily dosage of lutein to properly maintain eye health.  Some food has lutein, such as collard greens, kale, broccoli and spinach, but too much lutein could mean trouble. In fact, the American Optometric Association warns that over-consumption of lutein could lead to a buildup that puts you at risk for a host of problems: Breathing difficulties, cough, cold, dizziness, eye and skin irritations and even chest pain. Not only this, but if the delicate balance of lutein in the body isn’t maintained, a yellowing of the skin can occur.  Not pretty! When it comes to some lutein supplements on the market, the thought that “more is better” could be causing some cosmetically unappealing effects.

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You’re Worried About Eye Health – What Now?

So what can be done if you want to be proactive with your eye health? The natural production of both lutein and zeaxanthin drops significantly between the ages of 40 to 50 –not surprisingly, an age when your eyes need the most care. Not only this, but your body’s digestive health isn’t as strong when you hit middle age, meaning a good portion of the nutritional benefits you are trying to provide for your body aren’t getting fully absorbed. With a sluggish digestive system, supplementation beyond increasing your intake of lutein-rich foods becomes important.

Bel Marra Health has taken this twin-carotenoid compound, in the maximum amount that proven in clinical studies to support healthy vision, and created MAX-Z-LUTEIN. This powerhouse compound packs the double-punch of an optimal dosage of both these important carotenoids.  Not too much, not too little.

Take care of your eyes, and see clearly for years to come. This compound is brand new and exclusively available in the vision supplement 20/20 Vision by Bel Marra Health.

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