Pain Relief

An Ultra Easy Way to Deal with Back Pain

Back pain is common problem that affects millions of people around the world; it influences one’s performance at work, school, and home.  Individuals with persistent pain problems of the lower back often take medications for pain relief to alleviate these symptoms.  Although physicians recommend that patients suffering from back pain engage in proper diet and here to read more

Pain Myths – Do Red Heads Feel More Pain?

There are a lot of crazy pain myths out there, but as implausible as it may seem, the ‘myth’ that redheads are more sensitive to pain, may not actually be a myth at all. Although it sounds crazy, there have been multiple scientific studies that have proven that natural redheads in the very least experience here to read more

Top 3 Sensitive Pain Relief Issues

When people are in pain they either express it openly or suffer in silence, but there are some things that the majority of the population just avoid talking about no matter how much pain they are experiencing. Research shows that many North Americans are even too shy or embarrassed to discuss certain health issues with here to read more

Is Your Diet Causing Headaches?

More than 45 million Americans suffer from severe or chronic headaches.  If you suffer from headaches, you know that the pain your headaches cause can be absolutely debilitating.  While there are many causes of headaches including stress, hormonal changes, muscle tension, lack of sleep, sinus infections, and weather changes, many headache sufferers (including those that here to read more

Give Your Own Massage for Pain Relief

Neck pain can make us feel uncomfortable and even miserable at times, and it can come at the most inconvenient times; when there is no one around to help us get relief. Fortunately, there are ways we can help ourselves The American Academy of Pain Medicine has gathered statistics on pain for several years. Their here to read more

Gin and Raisins…for Arthritis?

Approximately 350 million people around the world suffer from arthritis and for many of these sufferers, the pain can be debilitating.  Pain relief options for these individuals are essential for them to maintain a good quality of life. In addition to traditional medical pain relief options, many people seek out alternative pain relief options for here to read more

Can Your Health Predict the Weather?

While some might consider it to be an old wives tale, there are many people that consider the weather can predict certain ailments much better than any healthcare practitioner. Some people might claim that they always know when it will rain, perhaps due to headaches, or other aches and pains. But how much validity is here to read more

What Salt Means for Osteoporosis Patients

More than 40 million people in the United States have osteoporosis or are at risk of developing osteoporosis because of low bone mass.  With the staggering number of people suffering from this condition, researchers are always studying to learn more about the causes and treatments for this disease.   Scientists have often wondered why individuals who here to read more

Top Tips for Increasing Your Mobility

Reduced mobility is arguably one of the toughest parts of aging and sadly almost 40 % of Americans over the age of 84 require a mobility device in order to get around. Immobility is problematic not only because it reduces a person’s independence and freedom but also because it opens the door to a host here to read more

Exciting New Migraine Technology

Migraines are recurrent headaches that are triggered by various external factors such as light and stress and often result in a decrease in the productivity and quality of life. Migraines can become very painful, often resulting in nausea, vomiting, and sometimes, temporary immobility. Despite the establishment of its association with the brain and the rest here to read more

A Household Plant That Could Erase Pain

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that is found primarily in South and East Africa and it has been used medicinally for centuries. Over the past few decades Aloe Vera has become quite popular in North America, with its gel being sold at most drug stores for topical use and its juice available for drinking here to read more