Can Your Health Predict the Weather?

painWhile some might consider it to be an old wives tale, there are many people that consider the weather can predict certain ailments much better than any healthcare practitioner. Some people might claim that they always know when it will rain, perhaps due to headaches, or other aches and pains. But how much validity is there with this kind of behavior. Many would agree, that no one knows their body better than the person living in it, but is it just all smoke and mirrors?

Many of the people who are believers that the weather predicts ailments, also fully understand that there are some consequences to the idea – painful joints, aches, pains and headaches.

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So how exactly does the weather even begin to predict any ailment at all? Is there any way this is even possible? As it turns out, the answer is yes! Researchers say that the science behind the possibility is pretty simple: When a sudden shift in barometric pressure (also referred to as the weight of the air) is what causes the afflicted persons joints to swell. What makes this painful is that the swelling (if you are suffering from arthritis) can lead to pressure and fluid on the joints.

Stress, Anxiety and the Barometric Pressure of the Air

The barometric pressure doesn’t just affect those with arthritis, but it also means havoc for those who suffer from headaches and migraines. Some doctors say they take it in a high regard when their patients explain that the weather often predicts headache pain. In most cases the issue will begin with facial pain which can be followed by pain in the sinuses. Not only does the cold, or wet weather trigger a number of health conditions as were listed above, the anxiety and stress of knowing what has happened in the past once or twice could happen again is often enough to act as a trigger in and of itself.

Healthcare practitioners and researchers advise that in more cases, a person’s best option when faced with weather induced migraines is to Though a patient’s best option when faced with a weather-induced migraine might be to just wait for the cloud to pass, so to speak, there are measures people can take when they feel a headache coming on.

Pain and Pain Relief – What are Some Triggers?

Keep in mind, experts say there are a number of ‘trigger foods’ and other issues which could be heavily hindering your efforts to stay pain free. Some of these include:

-Red wine

-Not staying hydrated

-Skipping a meal


-Not getting enough sleep

-A sedentary lifestyle

This might be the boost that you needed to move yourself to a warmer climate with less rain, but don’t be too hasty. While many people do see that there is some validity behind the climate and health conditions, there are just as many who consider the idea an old wives tale, or a scape-goat for various kinds of pain. It might better to try and achieve pain relief in another manner.


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