Blood Pressure

Postprandial hypotension: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Postprandial hypotension is low blood pressure after a meal. This condition can manifest itself as dizziness or lightheadedness that affects nearly one-third of older men and women. Proper digestion is accomplished when the functioning of the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems are precisely coordinated. Extra blood is directed to the intestines and stomach. To compensate here to read more

Widened pulse pressure may increase the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease

Widened pulse pressure may increase the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Pulse pressure is the difference between your two blood pressure readings – systolic and diastolic. Systolic pressure, the top number, is the pressure with which your blood is forced from the heart to reach other organs. Diastolic pressure, the bottom number, is here to read more

New treatment for trauma patients inspired by dolphins

A new, potentially lifesaving treatment being tested by researchers was inspired by dolphins. Have you ever wondered where emergency medical techniques are developed? What inspired medical practitioners to create maneuvers like the Heimlich? Well, in this case at least, the source of their inspiration may surprise you: dolphins! Researchers at the University at Buffalo (UB) here to read more

Dementia onset and progression may be slowed down with lifestyle changes

A new study suggests that simple lifestyle changes may delay the onset of or slow down dementia. The researchers found that keeping your brain active through “cognitive training,” controlling your blood pressure, and regular exercise can go a long way in keeping your brain healthy. CEO emeritus of the American Association for the Advancement of here to read more

National High Blood Pressure Month: High blood pressure and ED, resistant hypertension, lower blood pressure

May is National High Blood Pressure Month and we want to raise awareness about high blood pressure prevention and control activities. We at Bel Marra recognize the many complications that high blood pressure can cause. We hope our articles on resistant hypertension, high blood pressure and ED (erectile difficulty), and how to lower blood pressure here to read more

How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally

High blood pressure—hypertension—plays a role in more than 15 percent of deaths in the United States, and people are increasingly seeking methods to lower their blood pressure naturally and quickly. Having this chronic disease increases the risk of developing heart attacks and even strokes: some of the most common reasons for sudden death today. Poorly here to read more

21 foods that raise blood pressure level

Living with high blood pressure (hypertension) can be a hassle to deal with. A major contributor to our blood pressure is diet. Once we become accustomed to a certain diet, we find it hard to adjust. However, we eventually need to swap out the food that increases blood pressure, as over time, high blood pressure here to read more

High blood pressure has less impact on mortality risk in frail elderly: Study

Having chronically high blood pressure (hypertension) can eventually lead to problems like heart disease, which is one of the world’s most common causes of death. But according to a study at Oregon State University, elevated blood pressure was not found to be a high mortality risk for elderly individuals with a weak grip. Blood pressure here to read more