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Easy fixes for your common sleep problems

Easy fixes for your common sleep problemsYou toss and you turn and, sadly, the next morning you’re more tired than ever. Not getting proper sleep can really put a damper on your daily activities and negatively impact your health. Sleep is vital for the whole body, …

Effects of sleep deprivation on energy levels

mental healthSleep pertains to an actual phase in which both the body and mind are allowed to rest. During sleep, a person is generally inactive and thus, not aware of his or her immediate surroundings. Individuals experiencing sleep problems due to …

12 Ways to boost energy levels naturally

Natural Energy BoostersWhen sleeping problems or insomnia become an issue, and it feels like exhaustion is impacting your performance on the job or in life, it may not seem like a real cause for concern. The truth is that there are a …

What power naps do to your memory

sleep problemsFor decades researchers have studied the science of sleep. Sleep problems are common in North America, so the need to understand the suspension of consciousness is huge. Today, scientists say with confidence that sleep not only provides our bodies with …

4 reasons why you can’t get a good night’s sleep

tips for better sleepHave you ever just stayed in bed staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, trying to sleep but simply can’t? What gives? You’re tired, your eyes are heavy and yet you lie there counting sheep.

The Centers for Disease Control …

Why your good night’s sleep may not just be up to you

sleep disorderThey say a happy wife makes for a happy life, but what if the happiness of your partner could have an impact on your sleep quality, too?

One new study found that when the wife is happier with her marriage, …

Looking For A Better Sleep? Increase Your Omega-3

omega-3 for better sleepThere’s at least one more reason to incorporate omega-3 into your everyday diet.

A new study by the University of Oxford’s Learning and Behaviour lab revealed that higher levels of omega-3 DHA – the group of fatty acids commonly found in …

New Study shows that Learning Can Happen in Your Sleep

Woman sleepingThere have been many studies outlining the importance of sleep for learning. However, until now no research has been able to show that humans can learn new information while they sleep.

Brain function during sleep

Although sleep appears to be …

Sleepwalking is Becoming More Common

sleepwalking and violent behaviorSleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is considered as the main cause of most sleep-related injuries.  Unfortunately, research efforts in the last 50 years has left several questions regarding sleepwalking unanswered, especially in terms of its actual causes.

One of the …

The Male vs. Female Sleeping Pill Controversy

male vs female sleep problemsApproximately 50 to 70 million Americans struggle with sleep problems and insomnia and one in ten have turned to prescription sleeping pills in a desperate attempt to get some shut-eye. These are some troubling statistics, especially if you consider the …

How Do Sleep Problems Lead to Cancer?

147285331Sleep pertains to that nocturnal ritual that is characterized by a lack of voluntary muscle movement and consciousness, as the body recharges itself for the next busy day.  Sleep problems, also known as sleep disorders, are disruptions in these evening …

Sleep Problems could be Ruining Your Relationship

Sleep Problems can lead to Relationship IssuesBreathing, eating and drinking are all things we can’t live without. People often forget that sleep is also a basic human need. To maintain good health and well-being, we need adequate sleep throughout our lifetime. Studies show that sleep problems …

What To Do When Pain Interrupts Sleep

back pain and sleep problemsNot getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on all aspects of your life; health, work and relationships. Sleep problems can often be associated with pain. When that pain is constant and you end up suffering from insomnia, it …

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