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Increase Performance and Feel Great All Day!

Shot in a studio in the UKIt is not unusual to feel unwell first thing in the morning. For many people the most aggravating sensation is a feeling of fog that can linger for minutes or even hours. In some cases people complain about nausea or dizziness after they get up in the morning. Their performance whether it is at work or doing chores … Read More

Brand New Information on Parkinson’s Disease

treatmentParkinson’s disease, or Parkinsonism, pertains to a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by a deterioration of cognitive abilities such as dementia or forgetfulness.  This condition is also linked to poor motor movements and performance, thus resulting in the difficulty in performing regular tasks such as taking a bath or simply eating a meal.  Dementia often occurs at the … Read More

Study Says Smart People Live Longer

better memoryIt seems like every day there is a new TV series or movie that is centered around vampires and their immortality. There is no denying that our culture is obsessed with staying young and that most of us would jump at the chance to live longer. Although immortality is the stuff of science fiction, recent research has found … Read More

Dangerous New Ways Drinking Affects Memory

memoryAlcohol consumption, in moderation, has been associated with positive health benefits; however binge drinking can have a significant negative impact on your mental health and performance according to recent research. Two studies were recently presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver which found that moderate alcohol consumption later in life, heavier alcohol consumption earlier in life … Read More

Being Obese Could Be a Good Thing For Heart Patients.

risk of obesityNormal, healthy weights are usually associated with better health performance and outcomes, but a new study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, shows that this may not be the case for heart failure patients.

Heart failure is a serious condition where the performance of the heart is negatively affected.  Approximately 5.8 million Americans suffer from this condition.  … Read More

Health Habits That Are Just Wasting Your Time

good healthWhether it is fitness or food, most people try to incorporate a list of habits into their daily lives in an effort in maximize good health. What you may not realize though is that some of those health habits aren’t doing what you think they are; they are actually a “waste of time”.

Good Health Through Working OutRead More

Surprising Ways Caffeine Effects Old Muscles

performanceCaffeine and all of its benefits have been making waves lately. But this new information could be something people aren’t expecting. A recent new study that was presented at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting says caffeine is showing promise when it comes to boosting power of muscles in elderly people. In fact, not only is it shown … Read More

Avoiding Alzheimer’s Through High Caffeine Levels

performanceDementia compromises a persons’ thinking, memory and reasoning capabilities, as well as their overall mental performance capacity.  Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and there is no single, definitive way of preventing this form of dementia, nor is there a treatment to cure it.  There are however, ways to reduce ones risk for developing Alzheimer’s … Read More

Night Time Workouts Have More Benefits

 weight lossDo you keep a regular schedule for workout? It may be interesting to think that there might be a specific time that is most beneficial for exercise, especially when one’s goal for working out is to improve physical performance or to achieve weight loss. A recent medical report showed that the time of day one engages in exercise … Read More

The Benefits of Beach Workouts

good healthIf you have a balanced diet and work out on a regular basis then you probably think you have set yourself up for years of good health. This could be true; however, fitness experts say to obtain optimum results you have to pay close attention to where you are working out. In other words, it’s not just the … Read More

Is Sugar Making You Dumb?

good healthWe already know what sugar can do to our waistline and our teeth, but scientists now say it could have a detrimental impact on another part of our body; the brain. In fact, they suggest it could make us dumb.

Researchers at the School of Medicine at UCLA admit their conclusions are based on testing of lab rats, … Read More

What Chewing Gum is Doing to Your Memory

forgetfulnessChewing gum is considered the world’s most common habit and over 374 trillion sticks of it are made every year.  Many people use chewing gum not only for its flavor, but also to help them relax, concentrate, relieve nervous tensions, enhance memory and mental performance, lose weight and even to speed up recovery after gastrointestinal surgeries. Researchers at … Read More

Advertisements Encouraging Underage Drinking

mental healthTelevision commercials are catchy marketing strategies that are aimed to encourage viewers to buy their products. From a scientific point of view, television commercials are designed to train the brain in recalling frequently presented items, thus increasing sales of a particular product. This successful performance of advertisements involves influencing the brain and the mental health of viewers and … Read More

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