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Boost your immune system by sharing germs?

BACTERIA, IMMUNEYou know public toilets are usually coated in bacteria. Not only that, but every time you step outside of your home you are at risk of being exposed to all kinds of bacteria.

At least when you are within your own home you are safe from bacteria and getting sick, right? Well, not really.

As it turns out, … Read More

850 American lives saved because of this…

health, pollutionDo you enjoy a morning stroll with paths lined with greenery? Trees are beautiful to look at and offer shade, but you may want to start giving them more credit. A new study reports that trees are saving lives.

I recently told you about the dangers of air pollution, and how this can poorly affect your health. Well … Read More

You share more with your friends than you think

DNA, GENES, GENETICSHave you ever marveled at just how much you and your closest friend have in common? Your interests, pleasures, the things you find funny…

Well, that connection may be closer than you think – a new study found that friends, who are not biological relatives, have more common DNA than strangers do.

The researchers, from the University of … Read More

This popular exercise won’t solve your health problems after all

shutterstock_18500491Stretching and breathing your way through yoga poses is good for the body and spirit. I’ve tried it myself – getting into “corpse” pose at the end is like floating on cloud nine!

This ancient practice has taken off in North America in various forms, like gentle yoga for seniors, yoga bootcamp and even laughter yoga that taps … Read More

If your breathing problems are getting worse…

asthma, lungsIf you have breathing problems or asthma, some household cleaning products can really bother you and irritate your breathing passages.

And you have to wonder about the safety of chemicals and possible toxins in some of these products, too.

But there’s hope. New products to help clean the homes of allergy sufferers could one day make their way … Read More

Contagion! Treatment options threatened as antibiotic resistance rises

antiobiotic, treatmentWith new strains of viruses popping up every day, the first go-to fast and easy solution has tended to be antibiotics.

However, with overuse, resistance to these drugs has become a real problem. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its April report that common infections may soon become killers unless we take action in a … Read More

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