New Study Identifies Affordable and Sustainable Way to Help People with COPD

Close-up Asian woman hand, pressing a button on air purifier machine in a bedroom. dust and air pollution concept. air cleaner removing fine dust in house.A new study is offering a potential solution to the symptoms of COPD: using an air purifier.

The new work found that when people with COPD regularly used an air purifier in their homes, both their lungs and hearts responded better than without one.


COPD, short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can be a double whammy for your health. It can make breathing difficult and tax the heart, boosting the risk for heart-related health consequences.

The study found that when people with the condition used air purifiers, their heart rate was more adaptable to respond to daily demands – something known as heart rate variability, or HRV. HRV is a key measure of heart health.

People with poor HRVs are at risk for a host of cardiac problems, including heart attacks and worsening cardiac symptoms. These things all increase the risk of someone with COPD being hospitalized.
Those who used an air purifier had a 25 percent daily increase in HRV.

In addition to its effect on HRV, the researchers also looked at what is called “ultra-fine particles,” which are tiny irritants found in breathable air. They found an association between their presence in a person’s home and a negative impact on lung health.

Ultra-fine particles can be reduced by using an air purifier.


Indoor air quality may play a very important role for people with COPD, and getting a quality air purifier may be a safe, affordable, and effective way to reduce the risk of a severe outcome.

Air purifiers typically range in price from about $150 to $300.

Greater HRV means that your heart can better adapt to increased activity or demands, like breathing heavily or coughing. The more your heart can handle, the healthier you are.

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