The Smell of This Can Spark Your Libido

pumpkin pie scentIf your libido has been kicked up a notch this season, there is a good reason for it. What is the most common and popular scent during the fall season? If you guessed pumpkin pie, you are right! And according to science, pumpkin pie is considered an aphrodisiac, meaning it can get you in the mood.

Research has found that women wearing a pumpkin pie scent are more attractive and desirable to men. The researchers had 31 men smell 46 different scents and then measured increases in penile fluids.


Pumpkin pie scent was a clear winner. It increased blood flow by 40 percent.

Although men were more aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie, the same wasn’t found for women. And if you think other Thanksgiving scents caused the same outcome, you’d be wrong, so put away anything cranberry sauce.

As for women, the go-to scent was Good & Plenty candy and cucumber in combination, which increased blood flow by 13 percent.

Ladies, if you’re looking to get your man in the mood, light a few pumpkin pie scented candles or bake something pumpkin related while the fall season is still around. You only have a few weeks left, as Christmas approaches, there may be a switch to peppermint.

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