11 Signs You Have a Healthy Libido

healthy libidoHas the thought crossed your mind that maybe your libido or sex life isn’t normal or healthy? Maybe you feel like you have a low libido because you don’t have frequent sex. Because it’s a touchy topic, you probably don’t mention your thoughts to others so you live wondering if you have a healthy sex life or not.

Well, you can stop worrying and consider these 11 signs that signal that you are, in fact, having a healthy sex life, even if you don’t feel like you are.

11 Signs You Have a Healthy Sex Life


1. You pleasure yourself: You may not think this means you have a healthy sex life because it’s solo time, but that’s not the case. Solo time helps you not only figure out what’s pleasurable to you, but you can relay this to your partner to make sex better.

2. You’re confident: No public images of what is beautiful or attractive is weighing you down because you’re confident in your own skin. When you’re confident about your body, then you’re more likely to be confident in bed and enjoy sex more because you are open to the full experience.

3. You ask for what you want: If something doesn’t feel right, you don’t shy away from speaking up and requesting what you want so that sex can be as pleasurable as it can be.

4. You and your partner communicate outside of the bedroom: Communication should occur both in bed and outside of it. Feeling connected to your partner on all levels is important to have healthy intimacy.

5. You’re present: Not thinking about the laundry, bills, or other mundane things during sex means you’re present, so you can enjoy all that sex can bring. A busy mind can take away from your pleasure.

6. You make time with your partner a priority: We often start to drift from our partner, which can leave you both feeling disconnected. But making time for each other can keep that connection going.

7. You try new things: Sure, doing the same thing over and over will yield the same results, but being open to new experiences, sexually, can create more excitement and pleasure that you didn’t know you could experience. Communication ties in with this because if you and your partner are open about your fantasies, then you both will be open to trying new things.

8. You don’t stress about how often you “do it”: You always hear about what the norm is for how often couples should be having sex, but don’t let these made up numbers stress you out. As long as you and your partner are satisfied and happy, then it’s ok.

9. You get, but you also give: Sure, it’s easy to be selfish and take what your partner is giving, but it’s also important that you reciprocate and give back to them what they want too.


10. You don’t take sex serious: Sex is discussed as something serious, but it’s not. In fact, it can be downright awkward and silly and there will be times when you both are laughing and that’s OK! Neither of you should feel bad or embarrassed about something that occurred during sex — simply laugh it off.

11. You’re happy in your everyday life: Your sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with your relationship satisfaction outside of the bedroom. If you and your partner are happy, then you will most likely enjoy sex. Unhappy couples often don’t engage in sex or are left unsatisfied. Therefore, if you want to improve your sexual satisfaction, work on your relationship on the daily basis.


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