8 benefits of a healthy libido you need to know

benefits of sexIf you’re no longer intimate with your partner, you could be missing out on important health benefits that sex provides. It may not always be easy or viable to have sex now that you’re older, but it’s important that you maintain a healthy sex life at any age to improve your overall health.

In case you aren’t aware of how sex can improve your health, here are eight science-backed benefits to consider.

8 benefits of sex


1. It’s a workout: If you lack the motivation to hit the gym, hit the sheets instead. Sex is a calorie burner, and the position you’re in will determine if you burn more or less calories.

2. Boosts immunity: Want to ensure you don’t get sick this season? Make sure you are having regular sex. Sex has been shown to produce more antibodies and fight off infection. Furthermore, it’s been shown to reduce blood pressure, which can reduce your risk of heart attacks.

3. Prevents incontinence: A leaky bladder is a common and growing problem among older women. Incorporating Kegel exercises into your sex life can help reduce the risk of leaks and let you gain better control of your bladder.

4. Relieves pain: Many people don’t have sex if they have a headache, but they should, as sex is a natural pain reliever.

5. Improves sleep: After an orgasm, hormones are released, which promote a better night’s sleep.

6. Improves mental health: Oxytocin is released during sex, which is also known as the “cuddling hormone.” It can reduce stress and promote feelings of closeness.


7. Prevents wrinkles: Instead of spending countless dollars on skincare products, have more sex instead. It has been linked to fewer wrinkles and a younger looking appearance.

8. Makes you smarter: A study of sexually active older adults found improved test scores. Dopamine, which is released during sex, has been shown to improve cognitive function.

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