Cervicogenic headache: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

A cervicogenic headache is a term used to describe a secondary headache, which really means the cause of the head pain is the result of another physical issue or illness. Some healthcare professionals call it “referred pain.” Cervicogenic headaches are characterized by a disorder that stems from the cervical spine and its discs or soft ...click here to read more

Vascular headache types: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

A vascular headache is a condition characterized by dilation or swelling of the blood vessels leading to headache pain. There are many kinds of headaches that cause blood vessels in the head to become enlarged, distended, or inflamed. Patients often complain of throbbing pain that worsens with physical activity when afflicted with a vascular headache. ...click here to read more

Headache update: TMJ headache, headache while sleeping, tension headaches, headache after eating

Approximately 45 million Americans complain of headaches each year, with more than eight million visiting a medical professional as their pain causes them distress. There are several reasons why a person may develop a headache, with most being benign causes that are of no concern. However, there are instances that warrant more investigation and should ...click here to read more

Orthostatic hypotension guidelines should be reviewed and changed: Study

Orthostatic hypotension is a type of low blood pressure that occurs within one minute of an individual standing up. The individual begins to feel light-headed and dizzy; they may even faint. The current guidelines for orthostatic hypotension suggest that blood pressure measurements should be taken three minutes after a person stands up. First author Stephen ...click here to read more

Migraine update: Essential oils for migraines, cluster headache vs. migraine, and migraine hangover

An estimated 37 million people in the United States suffer from migraines, which are recurrent throbbing headaches that typically affect one side of the head. Migraines are considered a primary headache disorder that can last anywhere from two to 72 hours. Having headaches can affect a person’s quality of life, which is why learning how ...click here to read more

Hypertension headache: How to identify if high blood pressure is the cause

More than 410,000 Americans died from high blood pressure complications in 2014, attributing to more than 1,100 deaths per day. High blood pressure can also lead to a condition called hypertension headache. Often occurring in episodes, headaches due to high blood pressure are typically quite severe and occur when blood pressure is 200/100 or higher. ...click here to read more

Essential oils for migraines and headaches

While some people may suffer from an occasional headache or migraine, for others, the pain can be chronic and they might not be aware that there are essential oils for migraines. Most people who get a headache or migraine reach for quick and easy solutions like ibuprofen. Before long, the pain is gone. Sadly, about ...click here to read more