Good Health

Got The Blues? Avoid Fast Food

Golden arches. A white-haired colonel. A girl with red pigtails wrapped in blue ribbons. Though seemingly harmless enough, such fast food branding may be affecting your ability to experience happiness, according to new research. In the study, recently published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, the University of Toronto looked at how people here to read more

Fend Off Illness With A Cup Of Tea

We all enjoy our frothed mochas and cappuccinos as cold season hits, but research shows white tea could be your best bet to warm you up and keep healthy. Tea ceremony is an ancient practice, dating back to 10th century B.C. Shang Dynasty. The potent sipper has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy here to read more

What Your Pee Says About Your Health

This may come as a shock to you, but there was a time when people tasted their own urine to gauge their health. Even doctors tasted their patients’ urine to diagnose them. Thankfully, these extreme measures are no longer necessary. Urine has been used for thousands of years as an indicator of good health. Your here to read more

The Secret to Extending Your Lifespan: Bile?

Humans have constantly been searching for a way to strengthen our health, improve our quality of life, and to extend our life spans. As science and technology becomes more advanced, scientists are beginning to discover new ways for people to achieve better health and live longer. A recent study conducted by Vladimir Titorenko, research chair here to read more

Healthy Foods That Make You Happy

We all experience bad days that have us feeling down and low, leading us to reach for sugary comfort foods. However, those feel-good foods could actually be making you feel worse. Diet has an enormous impact on your health, and also plays a major role in your general mood.  While particular foods serve to repress here to read more

10 Houseplants to Heal Your Health and Your Home

With people spending far more time inside their homes these days, it’s nice to add an outdoor touch of fresh greenery with beautiful, live house plants. Not only do houseplants add some color and life into your home, but they also help improve air quality by removing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that hurt your health.  In this here to read more

The Most Deadly Food in the USA Revealed

Most of us think that as long as we minimize drinking alcohol and refrain from smoking, our chances of developing major diseases and requiring emergency medical attention is smaller.  Coupling this scheme with eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular exercise may also enhance good health.  However, a recent report published here to read more