The Latest Diet Trend That Helps with Hot Flashes

For literally thousands of years, people living along the Mediterranean coast have consumed diets rich in plant-based foods without giving them much thought.  Over the last decade, though, countless studies have shown that following a Mediterranean diet has the potential to protect us against the development of heart disease, certain cancers, particular neurological problems, diabetes, here to read more

Black Rice – The Ultimate Superfood?

It has long been used in China as a staple in every day diets, but is it worthy of some of it’s more recent attention as one of the newest superfoods? You may recognize it mainly from its presence in sushi, desserts, or even as a decoration on some popular dishes at your favorite Oriental here to read more

The Most Deadly Food in the USA Revealed

Most of us think that as long as we minimize drinking alcohol and refrain from smoking, our chances of developing major diseases and requiring emergency medical attention is smaller.  Coupling this scheme with eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular exercise may also enhance good health.  However, a recent report published here to read more

The Best Anti-Aging Foods in Your Diets

In the mid 90’s scientists in both England and the United States publicly declared that obesity accelerates aging. Being overweight though is not the only factor that can impact longevity. Some nutritional scientists believe all of us; no matter what our current weight, can live longer, if only we adjusted our diets. Research shows that here to read more

How To Drop a Pound Every Week

Following restrictive diets is an outdated practice that sometimes results in temporary weight loss but almost never results in permanent weight loss. Instead of following diets that severely restrict fat and/or calories and lead to feelings of deprivation, consider taking the easier, more effective approach, and make the following simple food swaps. Replace Sugar with here to read more

Health Rules That Make No Sense

Avoid  junk food based diets, make sure you eat your fruits and veggies, wash your hands often (especially during cold and flu season), make a good night’s sleep a priority…some rules your mother was absolutely right about and in the interest of your health they should be followed. However, there are also some rules that here to read more

Sweet Potato – The New Food for Longevity

Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables in our diets is important for good health and we shouldn’t overlook the sweet potato.   Many fruits and vegetables are known as “super foods”.  Super foods have a significantly higher nutritional value than most foods and provide various health benefits.  Sweet potatoes are a fantastic super food, not only here to read more

Obesity Tops Hunger as Biggest Health Problem

Obesity is now a bigger health problem than world hunger according to a new report that was published in The Lancet.  Data was gathered from the World Health Organizations Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 to determine this surprising fact. The Obesity Crisis The report revealed disturbing figures that showed that every country (except those here to read more

How Diets Contribute to Healthy Joints

Osteoarthritis pertains to the inflammation of joints, causing stiffness and difficulty in movement.  This form of inflammation is often observed among the elderly and has caused millions of dollars worth of medical tests and medications.  Osteoarthritis has also affects the quality of life of an individual because it decreases one’s capacity to perform routine activities, here to read more