Drinking Your Fruit – What is Most Popular?

105864719The more depressing part of the year is definitely upon us, and going outside, never mind to an outdoor market for fresh produce has officially become the bottom of your list of priorities. This cold weather might have you in hibernation mode, and you may have also noticed that two things have suffered, your diets, and your intake of fruits and vegetables.

These healthy foods are of the utmost importance, especially during these cold winter months when you aren’t getting your healthy dose of sunlight, and you are also not getting the appropriate amount of physical activity or nutrients that the fresh fruits in your garden or local market provide.

You Don’t Need a Reminder – Why Fruits and Vegetables are Important


Fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of the daily diets, and this comes as no surprise. They help to enrich your immune system, provide you with the energy it takes to get through the day, and can help to boost your metabolism making exercise easier. There really is no downside.  Many people are very apprehensive of using drinkable forms of fruits and vegetables because of the common perception that many nutrients can get lost, not to mention a great deal of the fiber strained out. And if you are purchasing prepackaged drinkable fruits and vegetables, the added sugar and fat could really become bothersome, too.

So What are the Top Ways You Drink Your Daily Fruits and Vegetables

With the fast and easy smoothie culture really booming, and loads of different types of fruits and vegetables available to mix to your own taste and preference, it’s no wonder that the popularity has grown to epic proportions.

Easily the Most Popular Drinkable Fruit– The Banana

These tasty ways to get much needed potassium are a nutritional powerhouse. Bananas not only pack a huge nutritional punch and are delicious, they blend well with almost any other fruit,  have a natural sweetness, and regulate your bodies water balance, too. The rich vitamin content, not to mention the fiber are impressive, and they are pretty high in iron too. Blending them doesn’t allow for bleeding or lack of nutrients, and they are a great base for any smoothie recipe.

Another Less Talked About Food You Drink – Almonds and Their Milk

The calories of almond milk might be a little higher than you would like to see, but adding a dash of this stuff really helps add some nutritional edge to any drink, and it is a lot better for you than regular whole milk or 2%. Almond milk adds delicious flavor and texture, and also provides an amazing source of  but fatty acids and calcium without going overboard. You can totally control how much or how little you use to taste, and it mixes well with almost any other fruit. For the record, the essential fatty acid content is great for you because of how it promotes a nice healthy skin glow, but some experts even say that it can aid in the regulation of cholesterol, too.